Help about 4* hero needed

I am thinking to max him. He has good skills for support right?
I have full leveled Gretel but thinking to replace her with this hero.
Is he better than Gretel?

No. Gretel is easily better than him. Mana control is extremely powerful

His swords ability is powerful, the bottle is OK but the freeze is super annoying. The other abilities don’t make up for the freeze and the fact that you can’t get the ability you want when you need it. I was mid game when I got him, but I didn’t use him for long, cos really he sucks

If you’re short on mats or have other four star options not called Hu Tao, then don’t spend orbs here


Gretel I got almost full maxed.
I like that 10 % mana 40% accuracy and 42% ally defence.

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Are you really writing about gretel?
10% mana cut is Neith or cLi xiu
40% accuracy is joon.

No that part was about Danzaburo.
I didn’t write good.

Freezing is a problem I agree.
But other things looks good to me.
Iam confused so I really wanna hear all people what have to say.

Ok, now I understand. I use my danza together with Poseidon, he protects danza from getting freezed and is fast mana. But usually only in war hits, where I need many yellows against purple tanks we are facing a lot.

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I maxed Danzaburo and used him quite a bit early on, in preference to other Yellow heroes like Hu Tao, for example. But now I’ve gotten to the point where the little monkey sits on my roster and almost never gets used. I threw him in a tournament lineup recently and got Grade D, I suspect I’d have done better with Li Xiu in his place, but I wanted to give the little guy a chance. :wink:

If you have extra ascension mats to go around and want a fun little toy to play with for a while, go for it. Otherwise, if mats are scarce, save them for someone better.

Good gaming!


Danzaburo can actually be quite fun. I thought that he is not good due to the freeze. But someone in another post convinced me otherwise. The link to the exact post is below.

If you want his mana freeze to be countered, it can be done so by pairing him with heroes like Poseidon, Grazul or even Gato. However, if you have other yellows, then i would suggest working on other 4* yellows. I would only do Danzaburo if I really had no other 4* yellows to work on.

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Yes, I forgot to mention. My danza came quite late and main purpose war depth and not leveling another dupe.
At that time my only other choice was Hu Tao or 2nd chao or 2nd li xiu (no costume there)
No owning costume Li xiu I will make a 2nd one for war

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I have her to but not sure is Liu good as Him or Gretel.

In my honest opinion, you are better focusing on Gretel.
You will get far more use from her.
Danzaburo is a bit of a one off, stacks ok with some other heroes but is more fun than anything
Whichever one you choose good luck


Danzaburo is the only maxed hero that went as food for a 5star. He lost me so many battles it s crazy. Rng in heroes sucks


I have feed the monkey repeatedly. Call me a pragmatist but I want to know what I’m getting. I don’t like surprises after the sale.

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Personally, the only yellow 4* I’d take over Gretel would be Mist or maybe Guardian Jackal. Danzaburo’s not bad, but Gretel’s hard to beat. You drew a really good one there

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I use Gretel in same team with Proteus. Together they make good team.
I just need one good hero who will increase mana speed for them in battle s if that’s possible???

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Maybe this one in middle???

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Assuming you still have a shallow bench, Gretel will probably be more versatile.

Danza has two very powerful possibilities in his special counterbalanced by a slightly annoying freeze (only two turns).

Danza is extremely robust for a 4* whereas Gretel is considerably less so. I mention this because if you are using other glass cannon heroes alongside this holy hero a more robust Danza could be better, if you already have heft, then Gretel’s fagility is less of a problem.

'>200 Posts on Danza here:
Danza - Deepdive

Several other Danza threads on the forum, just a quick search away.


I have Danzaburo (almost maxed) and maxed Gretel. Danzaburo is not that bad but sometimes make me frustrating when he freezed by himself in critical situation, but mana and defensive buff is really usable. If you don’t mind to adding gambling element to your battle (ok… RNG is already a kind of gambling to be honest) then good to add him to your battle team, otherwise Gretel is a better and way more practical choice.

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Thank you all for help.

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