Raid defence team advice

Im relatively new looking for some suggestions on what i should do for my raid defense with what i currently have/going forward. I lose alot more of my defenses then i win. Currently my attacks have been peaking me at the low 1200’s though usually a bit lower. Id like to be able to stay in gold though i might just need more team power period for that to happen.

Anyway i took a bunch of screen shots of my kinda outdated def team and my entire roster.

It looks like you’ve had some great pulls early on, but haven’t had time to level them. You’ll be stuck waiting on mats for a good while, so I highly recommend putting all the 5*'s on hold, and focus on a team of 4*s. You’ll be able to ascend them sooner, and they’ll be able to help get you what you need to bring up the rest.

Defense team:
Caedmon, Kiril, Wilbur, Tiburtus, Wukong

Wilbur and Wukong are game changing heroes. Stacked together, they can pan out an insane amount of damage.

Happy battles!

You’ve got some really good heroes on your roster! Your levelling so far seems a bit all over the place, so I’d focus on maxing 2 3* of each colour. Below my suggestions:

Yellow: Bane, Melia
Purple: Tyrum, Balthasar
Red: Namahage, Hawkmoon
Green: Berden, Belith
Blue: Gunnar, Valen

For the time being, keep one copy of each 3*, you’ll level most eventually. Once you’ve maxed these, your defense team could be (left to right)

Belith - Tiburtus - Wilbur - Bane - Valen

After maxing those 3*, move on to 4* and bring 3 of each colour to ascension 3, level 60. Your 5* can wait, as you’llneed to work on your 3* and 4* first to acquire the materials to ascend 5*. You’ll have plenty to do!

@SING eah my leveling was a bit everywhere. Alot of the half touched 3*'s were me trying to get a bit of team power for 3* tourneys kinda last minute. Ive been primarily using 4*'s which is where the bulk of it has been going. i did kinda whale a bit more money then i shoulda on summons lol. The only 5* i see myself putting anything significant into anytime soon is probably ares just cause i do use him quite a bit.

Question does kirils attack up overwrite wukongs? I know it would overwite wilburs +63% defense down to 30% but the +30%attack more or less evens that out. I just dont want the scenario of the +170% with worse accuracy turning into +30% with worse acc

Kiril stacks with Wu, so that’s good news. What @Raghadorn suggests is a pretty decent attack team, but I personally wouldn’t put Wu on Defense.

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I think a big part of what he was going for was raw team power since on paper it does synergize well. I wouldn’t do it as a attack team since i usually on attack do alot of color stacking so i can just nuke heros from tile damage plus dont alot of people put ranvir on def teams? That def team has wilbur’s def down a dispeller healer and big attack ups. My only concern with it is tibertus overwriting wilburrs def down but im not to worried about it

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