What’s the strategy here? (See photo)

I come across these “teams” a lot and there’s no way he’d have that many cups from a defense team of one, so what’s the angle here?

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I think you’ll find your answer in this thread :grin:


A combination of cup dropping, with being annoying to only have 1 hero to count towards the attacker’s raid chest.

It’s the most annoying thing, when you need 5x more hero kills to fill the chest than you have raid flags left.

I’d much rather see see 5 low rarity heroes all together.


I’m some kind of cup dropper, but i literally hate people doing that.

You want to drop? Ok, it’s a strategy.
But make it in a way that not annoying people.

Place 5 heroes of the same color, so if someone has that color chest it even is useful.


Most simply they are swapping out teams to generate easy revenge targets or using re reolls for a low power opposition team and then using a regular attack team as soon as they are done on their chest and punch up the defense when done. You may have captured them between swaps. As someone pointed out above; The answer might be here.

PS It is strategy that sends me nuts; it is so completely selfish.

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