Create/Design Your Own Hero – Player Hero Ideas [MASTER]

Add 3D graphics animation whenever heroes cast special power. Would be great… less boring

You should be on the SG payroll!! Such good ideas! I particularly want the unknown cat!! :cat:

Well Dionysus has always been my patron god so I’ll give him a crack…

DIONYSUS (dark-fast)
Ritual Madness
•All allies get +200% attack with -25% accuracy for 5 turns, chance to miss also applies to special skills (similar to Wu Kong)
•Spirit link is invoked where all allies share received damage for 5 turns
•Element Link recovers 4% health for Dark allies for 5 turns
Appearance: an androgynous youth with golden curls, holding a staff topped with a pinecone, half wrapped in a Greek toga with his chest exposed. Grape vines wrap around him +the staff. A cocky grin on his face +a chalice of wine in his hand.

Dionysus is the god of grapes, wine, music, dance, “communal love” +ecstasy. His increased attack, decreased accuracy mimics the alcoholic effects, the spirit link is indicative of “communal love” +the slight increase in health is cos wine has antioxidants!! :joy:

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Hi. I have ideas for some Heroes:

  1. Khiar
    Appearance: Khiar is a giant gorilla in two skins: white or black to choose.
    Element: Nature
    Level: 5*
    Mana speed: Average
    Special skill: Jungle Fury - attack three random enemies with 290% damage.
    Also gives them -34% attack for 3 turnus

  2. Vellrox
    Appearance: Vellrox is a hooded wolf shaman with green sparking eyes.
    Element: Ice
    Level: 4* (as because there aren’t many 4* Ice Heroes)
    Mana speed: Average
    Special skill: Wolf Scream - all enemies receive -18% defense, all teammate heroes receive +25% attack, hero shares damage with closest teammate heroes

  3. Magmus
    Appearance: Magmus is an elemental made of lava.
    Element: Fire
    Level: 5*
    Mana speed: Słów
    Special skill: Volcano Wrath: Attack every enemy with 140% damage. All enemies receive 250 damage during 5 turns.

  4. Shi Ghan
    Appearance: Shi Ghan is a samurai with metal armor.
    Element: Holy
    Level: 3*
    Mana speed: Average
    Special skill: Hit of Dawn - attacks with 240% damage and gives some damage to closest enemies (like a Karil)

VOTE if You like and want more ideas :wink:

Btw. Are devs checking this topic for inspirations? :slight_smile:


Thanks buddy so much! Your input mean a lot to me!

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It has come to my attention that there isn’t a fire or holy celestial yet, so I’m here to rectify that with this post.

Hermes (male): Holy Greek god hero with wings on his back and shoes.

Mana Speed: Very fast (he is the messenger God after all)

Ability: cleansing light
*clears all status ailments and buffs from both enemies and allies.
*for every different type of ailment or buff that is cleansed, all enemies lose 75 hp.
*all holy heroes gain 25% dodge for four turns

Atk: 670
Def: 832
Health: 1297
Garuda (male): More muscular man with Hindu Indian features and wings on his back.

Mana Speed: Average

Ability: Protecting Arms
*castor and nearby allies receive 780 hp over 5 turns. This effect cannot be dispelled.
*Castor and nearby allies are unaffected by status ailments for 3 turns.
*Castor and nearby allies generate small amount of mana for 3 turns.

Atk: 832
Def: 747
Health: 1209

@Rook if you want to add this to the ideas and features page (because I don’t know how) feel free.


I have some more.

Mana: average
Appearance: a colorful modern magician
Element: Holy

Ability name: magic benediction
Effect: inflict 150% dmg to all ennemies
All ennemies lose -50% defense against their weakness element.
All allies also gain +60% defense against their weakness element.

Mana: fast
Appearance: a young japenese manga man with animal ears.
Ability name: precision piercing strike
Effect: inflict 330% dmg against 1 target
The attack ignore all target buffs and minions.
Dispell all minions and buffs of the target.

Mana speed: average
Appearance: a very strong beared man with a magic gunlike weapon.
Ability name: gatling fury
Effect: deal 1400 raw damage splitted randomly between all ennemies. Attack Ignore defense.
The less ennemies there are left, the less damage it does with a minimum of 800.
All ennemies lose -15% attack and defense for 3 turns.

Someone has moved it. You’re good!

The Fenix: a fire hero that can only be neutralized for 5 turns. After that a red drawing of the burning bird is formed with the characteristic sound of the mythological bird that will fly towards the opponent reducing its manna of energy in - 80% … the Hero can be classified as very slow

Loki, Master Illusionist
Green 5*

667 attack, 777 defense, 1323 HP

HEROES adjacent to Loki are disguised from enemy view. The enemy can see only the mana bar for the hidden heroes. Those heroes are revealed when Loki is defeated. (hidden heroes special animation would be the same as Loki’s Special skil animation.)

Special Skill: Grand Ilusion
All of your living heroes are healed to 100% health. All deceased heroes are healed to 30% health. Starting at the beginning of the next round your heroes lose 10% health. This effect can not be dispelled. This effect lasts for 10 turns. This effect stacks to a maximum of 17% health lost per turn.

Spirit of Peace (or something)
Blue 5*

0 attack, 850 defense, 1500 HP

Every turn one random (living) hero on your team is healed for 70HP.

(When attacking) your Blue tiles “miss.”

Average mana

All Enemy attack is reduced by 100% for one round. This effect can not be dispelled.

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Purple hero

Very Fast Mana

750 attack, 825 defense, 1445 HP

Special Ability: Wisdom of Silenus

The hero with the most remaining HP on your team switches place with the hero in the middle position. These two heroes heal 15% health for 3 rounds. Those heroes gain +35% defense.

Yellow Jacket
Yellow Automaton Hero

Very Fast Mana

667 attack, 700 defense, 1225 HP*

Automaton Heroes can not recover HP during a battle.

Special skill: Target Acquired
Target enemy receives -15% defense. This effect can not be dispelled. This effect stacks up to 5 times. If this Skill is cast on a different target enemy by any heroes on your team, then this effect and any stacks are removed from the initial target.

Automaton Primus
Blue Automaton Hero

Very Fast Mana

777 attack, 777 defense, 1750 HP*

Automaton Heroes can not recover HP during a battle.

Special skill: Prime Directive
Target enemy receives -15% defense. This effect can not be dispelled. This effect stacks up to 5 times. If this Skill is cast on a different target enemy by any heroes on your team, then this effect and any stacks are removed from the initial target.

All Friendly Automatons receive +54% defense for 3 rounds.


Brb selling a kidney

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This one is the decepticon to the autobots above. They’re offensive scalpels who would be sorely misplaced on a defense team. Megatron is instead a defense team bot, and not as useful on offense.

Purple 5* automaton hero

Average mana

777 attack, 777 defense, 1750 HP*

*Automaton heroes can not recover HP during a battle.

Special skill: Sentry Sweep
Magitron removes all buffs from enemy heroes and cleanses all buffs from friendly heroes.

All other friendly heroes receive 20% mana.

Magitron deals 150 damage to one random enemy hero each round for 3 rounds. This effect can be dispelled.


I like the chameleon,

bold tornado tom
Does the same effect as a tornado itam does. Boosts mana and mixes board

bold quake
Earthquake stunes the apponets like cabin boy boy does but to all of em


5* Blue hero

650 attack, 800 defense, 1367 HP

Very Fast Mana

Special skill: Myrmidon Strike
Achilles deals 150% damage to target enemy.

Achilles gains 100 defense. This effect can not be dispelled. This effect stacks up to 5 times. (This effect is a separate buff from any other defense buffs or debuffs)

Achilles is cleansed of all debuffs.

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5* Mask master.
Ability : when the skill hit the target, he have that skill for 6 turn. (Ex: When He hit Alby, then Alby mana and skill is belong to Him)
Stat and other is up to dev to decide.
Design : would be cool with mask character.

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I have an idea… I will be a little bit evil, you will know why.

Jezzer (5*)
Mana : fast
Color: purple
Skill name: antimagic cleaver (small reference to asta)
effect: inflict 295% dmg to target
Dispell all effects of target and nearby ennemies
Target and nearby ennemies can no longer gain buffs for 3 turns.

Olivia 5*
Mana : very fast
Color: blue
Skill name : oceanic shield
Effect: inflict 250% damage to target
Target get -55% ice defense for 3 turns.
All allies gain fireproof buff for 3 turns (immunity to all type of fire debuffs)

Im evil by imaginating these 2, you are no longer safe :smiling_imp:. They have one task: ruin the top 100.

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Father Time
Mana Speed: Slow
~150% to all enemies + timestop effects (drain mana, no attack for 3 turns)

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