Getting Acknowledged for Helping SG create a new Hero

As the title suggests, I think it would be appropriate for SG to acknowledge that some of their creations were indeed created by us gamers. At least three of the upcoming event heroes concepts (either look or special skill) were highly influenced by heroes I suggested in the ‘Create Your Own Hero’ thread. Snow White is my concept for ‘Hermes’ reimagined. Lady of the Lake is Napo the Zombie clown reimagined (with mana stealing minions and everything) and the concept art for Marguerite is my character Witch Dr. Robicheux.

Now, despite what some of you may believe, I’m not looking for a reward, but is it too much to ask that SG say “Hey, we liked your idea and we plan on making a concept hero similar to the one you suggested.”?

Am I wrong for wanting to be Acknowledged? You can be honest with me.
Look at my Hermes description and then look at Snow White.

Read my zombie clown idea and then read lady of the Lake. Then read my description of witch Dr. Robicheux.


This had been discussed somwere here i cant find it… but as someone said in that discussion the copyrights might be a problem…
I guess thay might be the main reason

I don’t have a problem with them using people’s ideas, but they could say something to the individual.

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This guy saved the world. Give this man a medal.


What point are you trying to make?

This is my idea from May 2018, which I think is a version of Guardian Chameleon’s new power.

When I signed up to be a Mod, I re-read the terms and conditions I saw that everything I’d ever written on the forum belongs to SG.


Sure it belongs to SG but still it’d be nice if they could express some appreciation.


Especially when these heroes are gonna make them millions of dollars. And they used three of my ideas for three separate events… a nod my way as a thank you isn’t asking for much.


I expect Disney are in the queue too, with the number of properties SG have pinched from them.

In fact, apart from some of the TC20 heroes, there aren’t many that aren’t heavily derived from existing ideas.

Probably recognising one person would lead to floods of requests for recognition and that is in the ‘too difficult’ box


I think you’re misunderstanding. I’m not asking them to acknowledge me and only me, but any and everyone as a courtesy.

Disney ripped their characters from old fairy tales and myths. Don’t think they can claim copyright on the likes of Snow White.



I will say this without going back and comparing your OG post and the upcoming heroes…

We (you) have “created” heroes within the general concept and guidelines of what E&P is already doing. Most everything I have seen in the ‘new hero idea’ or ‘create your own hero’ threads follows a format that has already been established.

Because of that, I would find it hard to believe that many of our ideas are “net new” for them. I’m sure there are hundreds of hero/special ideas over at SG that havent seen the light of day.


Would it be nice for them to say, “good idea, we had the same one! Fine minds think alike” or some other platitude like that? Sure. But the idea probably wasn’t new for them…

or maybe it was in which case grab your pitchforks


No one else finds it odd to ask for acknowledgement?

Idk, just seems odd to me. If you gotta ask then the acknowledgement is due to request and not sincere and becomes a bit pointless

Instead of “stacey designed some heros, devs gave him a shout out for his creativity”, it’ll now come across as “stacey asked for a shoutout for his hero ideas, so devs went ahead and mentioned him in a post”

Idk maybe I’m weird


Wait @Cvs, you didn’t look at the original ideas?

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Oh absolutely, Disney are world leaders in idea pinchery.

They’re so good at it that we’re all watching remakes of things we’ve been watching for decades.


I looked at your ideas

They all seemed to follow the general “rules” of how specials are made up currently.

Just meant to say I didn’t do a 1:1 comparison


What he said.

I really doubt that they said “Oh snap! A voodoo inspired hero! We never thought of it!”


@JimP even if they had, that is just one of three. The other two Snow White/Hermes and LotL/NtZC are eerily similar. Even so, I think you’re all missing the point.

I don’t think we are.

You think they are new ideas that should get a pat on the back. We think they were ideas probably already in the hopper.


I had someone from beta tell me that they were pushing the ideas for the celestials I created, and were waiting for a reply. I’m going to send that beta tester a link to this thread and hopefully they respond.

Something to consider from that conversation is the fact that beta was interested in my ideas or any of the ideas from that thread in the first place.

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