Missing celestials of light and fire

These three shiny Ladies

are the celestials of darkness, ice and nature.

Please can anybody tell me, who are the celastials of light and fire? I checked my entire rooster for them, even the male ones, but couldn’t find them. Maybe i don’t got them summoned until now.
If possible please post also screens of them in the total view like i did.

Have a nice day to you all


Couldn’t find the Celestial of light but I found the Celestial of Friar (Fire) Truck


I’ve been trying to get them to create a celestial of fire and light for a VERY long time. The light celestial is based of of Hermes and the fire celestial is based off of Garuda. Good luck getting them to make them anytime soon.

If i understand you correct, those both celestials aren’t in the game yet, right?

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That is correct, neither of them is in the game as of yet. I did have someone from beta tell me they pitched the idea for Garuda in the beta lounge and spoke to people like @Petri about him, but I’m not sure how true that is. I trust this person because they are a moderator here on the forums, I just don’t know how the talks turned. I know the idea I created for Hermes was used to create the new Snow White for Grimforest, I just wished they had kept it for Hermes.

Ideas for fire and light celestials: Garuda and Hermes

Ah, thank you. Too bad they didn’t take up your ideas.

Oh well, one day we’ll get those long sought after fire and light celestials. Hopefully they will make them men, since we have three women already. And before y’all come for me about why I think gender is important… I’m gay and I needs my eye candy too!


Maybe potential candidates are Helios / Apollo / Prometheus

I don’t want them to all be roman/greek/norse. I want some diversity which is why I chose one Greek and the other Hindu.

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Then I would suggest some of the more famous ones like Horus / Amaterasu / Ra

If they about to create them, i would suggest they should be in the same style of artwork like the three others are - with wings and NOT heavily armored.

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Guinevere Rana Marjana Grazul

They have already done Horus with G. Falcon right?

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There is also an ancient of Stone (Justice), Ancient of Ice (Magni) and Ancient of Nature (Horghall) but I am not aware of any others. I was thinking it was supposed to be like the earth, air, fire, water type of thing but Stone throws it off a bit. Ice and Nature work for Water and Earth but the is nothing for fire and I have no idea what stone would replace.
So are there any other Ancients that I just don’t know? I don’t think there are in the classics though Joon seems like he would fit the Light if there were supposed to be 5 but he isn’t called an Ancient. They all have those same glowing eyes too and Joon has them but not the name. I also think Onatel would look like a better Justice than the model we have if she had scales in her hands. Whole blind thing and all. And I dont know how many times I see people refer to Justice as a “he”. I could see mistaking Skittleskull for wrong gender but Justice seems obvious with the outfit. Of course Aegir has “cups” on his armor as well though not as pronounced. Plus Aegir is the Norse version of Poseidon so I know its a “he”.

Also, Seshat is an Egyptian goddess if I recall correctly. So that is out of the general Greco-Roman area. Thoth-Amon is a character from the Conan comic series. Sartana is from an old western. There are many others with strange backgrounds including a few of the 1-4* heroes.

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