Will March and April's hotm get special effects or resistance to status effects?

i assumn you didnt have Azlar lol , Azlar deliver Direct Damage + DOT Damage

my point is with So-So tank stats he wont survive as Main Tank, if you put in Flank/Wings with Slow regen he wont save anyone , BT/Ridgard/Kunhcen/Ariel way more better as tank healer.

he even not specialized hero which worth to use at 3-70 as G.Panther/Evelyn/Frida. well its just my opinion , feel free to spend your 6 ring for him and good luck

While I don’t have Azlar I know how to read cards and posts in most of the cases :wink:

He is unique in his kind: he heals the party on the special damage he does, no other heroes could do that. If he were to be found lacking (thing that I don’t believe) he would be empowered.

Not every hero should increase/decrease elemental defense and not every healer should be as strong as Ariel or as durable as Kunchen.
If you dislike him than don’t go after him, I presonally wouldn’t feel bad by having him :slight_smile:


well no point to argue with someone who talk much but dont own hero

With the power of reading everyone with enough game knowledge would know how a hero works :wink:


dude let me tell you , by only read and comment , you have no burden and wont care if it fail or not in your team. but if you are real player , you need to think many times based on your avaliable mats and how your team in future , let me tell you if you didnt know that to get 8 H.Blade + 6 Ring is not easy tasks.

if you missed my point , many Red heroes are worth to feed than this beta hotm.

Everyone have their own needs, of course :slight_smile:


Here is the reason why I also dislike slow mana in the next hotm. Not many red heroes are fast and hard hitters. Pretty much only Marjana. There is no reason for another tank of red color. We already have like 9 or 10 red heroes who can pretty much serve a tank role. I like the idea of Anzogh’s special but I really can’t see him serving versatile roles, like Gravemaker for example or even Marjana. So I still think he should be average so I hope devs will consider that.

Besides, I like the discussion that has developed here. Some interesting points. I hope devs are reading this stuff :smiley: And also I hope similar thread will open for the next green and yellow hotm. It is too early to post their specials since those specials will surely be changed, so next month probably.


I feel like all of you who want this hotm to be average mana only want that because you want a chance for a new hero who will most likely be OP. There is a reason why it’s slow mana, because with a special that attacks everyone at that power PLUS whole team healing PLUS elemental links at average mana would just be incredibly OP. Y’all just want a chance at getting another gravemaker/guin tier hero.

What’s next, y’all demand that Quintas be a fast mana hero with 300% attack on everyone now?

I understand the pain of slow mana heros but if you want to increase the mana speed then there needs to be balance and the damage percentage will have to drop significantly


The reason we are complaining is because this is a HoTM that has been poorly designed. HoTM are supposed to be money droppers and, as of now, many people do not plan on dropping money on him.

Some of his effects are nice, but some of them have been proven not to work as they already exist on previous heroes (% of healing based on damage dealt).

Another issue is the fact that they keep spewing out fire tanks. Of all the HoTM that are currently playable as tank, how many of them are fire/red heroes? Of all the TC20 Fire/Red heroes, how many of them are tanks in comparison to the other colors? Would it have been so hard to swap the effects of this hero with the upcoming purple/yellow/green?


We really do need a new red sniper way more than a new red slow hybrid utility hero. I completely agree. He’s certainly not going to be supplanting Ares for me…


Not to mention QoH, Mitsuko, Santa and Azlar… Anzogh (or whatever his name is) already exist in the form of other red/fire heroes (some of which who came out far too recently).

He may be great on paper, but imho, he never should have been developed the way he was.

Idea for a great fire tank that they could have used instead.


Very true. I was just meaning I literally have Ares, and would not be ascending Anzogh in his present form, even if I drew him.

Re. your ideas, those heroes seem like really fun concepts (I absolutely love using Vishnu’s eagle as a hero) but just a tad OP as written :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s how they could start, but would be tested in beta. The only thing that seems OP in his current state is the non-dispellable hp gain, but it’s spread out over 5 turns, which could make that gain against a Frida/Arthur stack kinda moot.

Good point. I also agree with it. I really do not see any reason why someone should ascend Anzlogh over Marjana and Marjana can be acquired free in camp lvl 20. As HOTM he should be better than regular heroes.

And lack of variety in red heroes is really boring. It seems like they’ll rather release another blue, yellow or purple hard hitter rather then the red one. The only red hard hitter is Marjana while in example in blue you have Alice, Alasie, Lepus, Arthur, Magni… I really hoped that new red hero would be sniper.

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Well ya they should drop the damage % and make him average mana… I don’t think anyone here expects them to make him average mana with the same skill.
And personally, I have a surplus of rings and have been waiting 4 frickin months for the red hotm. I don’t need him to be guin or gm I just want to be more excited about drawing him than ascending a second marjana…


With average mana his elemental defense would have a pretty high uptime, the ideal for a double red flank with Gravemaker

I think we would see him become average together with Khagan.

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i got enough mats for Red *5 , plan to wait HOTM Red as my next *5 Red , but after saw he is Slow , i prefer Azlar as my next *5 , half-baked damage and half-baked healing + Slow mana is worst combination.

but at least he got chance to get Buff in v21 or v22 as Aegir

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I agree with making more slow heroes, the forced meta of fast heroes removes joy of the game.

They should continue to buff slow heroes till they are just as scary to deal with as fast heroes, not just make them faster.

Up the damage, up their defense, up their hp, ect…things like this that keep them up till their ability fires and punishes a bad board us what makes the game fun.

For example both khagan and ariel buff mana gained, yet ariel is faster and buffs the entire team, this relegates khagan to useless, he should be reworked to compete not simply made faster.

Agreed! I feel like slow heroes are extremely slow to charge on your own team but when you are in raids, just a few tile hits charge up a slow hero relatively quickly. For example, Colen and HuTao can get their special off in decent time and every time I face them, their special decimates my team.

Slow heroes are more powerful for a reason and people just need to utilize that a bit better.

Personally, I feel as if the adjustments don’t need to be made to slow heroes but it’s the fast heroes that need to be debuffed. Think of it like Pokémon, the faster you are, the more frail you should be. It really sucks when facing fast heroes who are still pretty bulky like Sonya, Joon, Poseidon, etc. If you are fast or very fast mana, you should be significantly weaker than average/slow heroes.

That is where I think the balance needs to be made because I can kill a Sonya in nearly the same time it takes to kill a Colen but one is fast and one is slow and that’s not cool.

Edit; I just checked and Sonya is significantly bulkier than Colen even. Also, heroes like Marjana are super strong, fast mana and incredibly bulky. If Marjana is going to be fast and strong, she should be frail then.

Don’t take this offensively but I did not mean that slow heroes are in a good place…they are not. My example was of how an average hero is significantly more powerful than a slow hero with the same utility move.

Based on your reply I’m guessing you deal with mostly epic heroes in raids, at a higher trophy level slow heroes become absolute thrash unless you have a really bad board. They need more survival in order to fire and make them useable…heroes like isarnia are slow and frail so they just die before getting used. Powerful abilities do not matter if there is no fear of them going off. With the mana control that exists you can stop most all slow heroes from firing their special, making them relatively harmless.

This is not the case of fast heroes like gravemaker (very fast). He WILL go off, very little you do will stop it, without a perfect board hes going to fire before you have a special ready. That makes his dot incredibly hard to cleanse off, ticking away killing all your guys.

That wouldn’t be a big deal if you could bring slow heroes due to their inherently larger health if they were buffed properly.

Think of it like real life, the slower someone is generally the tankier they are. Featherweights can beat a heavy weight due to insane speed, but require a crap ton more punches to do so. Slow heroes should be slow, and hard to kill requiring a minimum of 8 to 9 tiles from a color stacked team to kill them.

Force players to control their mana adding strategy to the game. Also for what it’s worth, colen is very easy to kill as a tank, significantly more so then Sonya as tank. Sonya will almost always go off colen rarely does. What makes a hero good for center is how bad they punish a bad board…faster heroes simply punish bad boards sooner. Look at Guinevere, the best current tank, shes not fast, but her utility, heal, and defense makes her punish a bad board worse then any other tank does. If she fires, the chance you lose climbs insanely fast, with few counters. With a good board she dies to 3500 teams regardless. All heroes die to a good board, so you instead base how strong they are to how they perform when attacked with a bad board. Slow heroes are weak there, and dont compete.

It’s bad form to nerf heroes, it’s bad to nerf most stuff in any game, the balance comes from small tweaks, not massive buffs or nerfs. Continue to roll out slow heroes with better damage and survival until they start to take some top spots in the top 100. Then rebalance other slow heroes to match that. This allows both slow And fast heroes to be competitive with one another.

Currently there are so many Guineveres and Gravemakers in the top 1k players I rarely go more then 1 reroll without seeing one of the two if not both. If two heroes deserved some reworking it’s those two…but again, minor changes, not so much that they become useless heroes. Often developers swing to far with the axe, and make people who spent money getting those heroes quit because the hero they spent so much on becomes ruined. That is why massive nerfs are so horrible for any game, it makes money and time feel so useless to those that invested either or both.

Small changes, see how they shake up the meta and reevaluate a month down the road.

Edit: spelling and grammar from phone lol.

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