Celestial of Fire

Has anyone wondered who the Celestial of Fire is, or have I just missed her? I have Hel, Celestial of Darkness, Zeline Celestial of Nature, and just pulled Athena, Celestial of Ice. Which made me run through the rest of my heroes but no Celestial of Fire…Another HOTM?? For the future???

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Is there a Celestial of Light, or is that one missing too?


Ahhh you mean the Holy Celestial. Yes that’s right…I never even considered Holy…So there we have two. Fire and Holy to wonder about…I don’t have Onatel yet so I don’t know what her title is when you click on her card and then the magnifying glass to see what her title is

I don’t either, but a couple of people in my alliance do. Let me check.

Onatel is Blind Seer.

All the celestials have wings, right? Is there a winged holy or fire?

Not yet. I also feel they are long due

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I’ve posted in the ‘create a hero’ thread my ideas for the celestial of fire and holy. Take a look.

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Onatel doesnt have wings so i doubt she completes the set. We need a celestial of light though lol

Here is my idea for the fire and holy celestials.

My idea is post 143

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Interesting characters!!!

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How about Fire Truck, he’s looking pretty celestial…

Why don’t we vote that he be given wings and changed to red element

Lord knows I’ve pulled enough of him

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Inanna-Ishtar would make a good Holy Celestial. Special skill is she (personally) has like a 33% of revival when she’s killed. Odds increase to 40% if she’s killed by a darkelement enemy.

Make it so SG

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