The Ridiculous Complaints thread

And THIS is worth complaining.

Honestly, as a woman obsessed with hot men, this would be a huge, HUGE step in video game history.
Especially since other gacha games are either ‘both men and women are here, but only the latter are really hot’, ‘only cute/hot girls’, or licensed games, or a combination of these.

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Check this out :joy::joy:


Fake news! I’m not the prime mover of Nipplegate but only an undicted Co-conspirator.


I do. Zeline doesn’t.

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And that’s bad too, because it’s just not ‘hot’ enough.
This also applies to Athena. And maybe Hel.

Speaking of these three, we have Celestials of Darkness, Ice and later Nature, but still no Fire or Holy ? Come on SG, it’s been an incomplete list since last February !

There’s a recent discussion about this:

And @King_Kyree77 suggested some possible ideas, maybe you should collaborate and post something in #ideas-feature-requests :slight_smile:

Not a mod, but I imagine this is what they would say:

we’re veering on actual topic. Please try to remain off-topic.


Is the fact we have to wait for ANYTHING, including alerts such as this one, a ridiculous complain?

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I thought maybe this was meant to be a parody, but I see you posted an almost identical statement elsewhere right afterwards:

EDIT: and a third time here

…so is this like performance art, or something? :face_with_monocle:


Fortunately, I was smart enough to put my coffee down before getting to the end of your post! :rofl: :joy: :rofl:


Buzz kill, total buzz kill.
You are missing the point of this thread.
Poutrage does not belong here.

It is ridiculous, how do the straight laced complainers ever get past the security door staff to get into this thread???..

Dear SSG,
I must complain that the is no whit or irony test that potential ridiculous complainers have to pass to gain access to…


Ah the subjective controversy of poutrage as performance art… although @Eric3 produced a particularly poor piece, it was still performed in three threads…

The Guardian critic gave it 10/10 and declared it a modern masterpiece…


I must complain that the game is refusing to accept that my alliance mate RGN Victim has leveled up.

Its another ridiculous consperacy!


I hadn’t even noticed. That is unacceptable! I demand the next 3…no 5 HOTM as compensation for the heinous bug. uhhh…for both my main and my alt. Yeah that’s it!



Of course, as noted somewhere here previously, his “belly” could be a face and the “face” could be a hat. I had a similar Goofy hat at one point in time, although I don’t think that hat had a hat.


I have a complaint about many S2 heroes… Danza is one …and that is lack of weapons.
How are we expected to win with Danza? Cover the opposition in honey?
Or Wilbur… hit them across the face with a large fish (Monty Python anyone.) ?
OR scare them to death…Cochin and Ghost girl…

This is not good enough…I want real weapons!.. evidence of blood and injury potential will help as well… and how can we have that with merpeople?


If we’re going to complain about Danzaburo the tanuki, we should definitely mention certain endowments that have been removed/covered from his portrait that are key to the inspiration behind him. If they were going to censor such qualities of his likeness, let’s just say that they should have used a larger loincloth… Maybe a robe or kimono or something.

Unless… They took him to the vet. They couldn’t possibly…


Perhaps that’s why his third skill is “freeze”


You mean like founding grants for universities and non-profit organizations, right? :innocent:

And to think, just a few posts ago, there was some consternation about mentioning nipples. Gotta move quick if you want to keep up with the RCT.


My headcanon is that he uses either a staff (the one he carries) or a swordfish to fight.
And yes, I saw this sketch months ago.

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