Create/Design Your Own Hero – Player Hero Ideas [MASTER]

If it were up to you… and SG asked you to be part of their HotM team, or Events team… what heroes would you come up with? What type would they be, and what kind of special powers would they have? Post your ideas! To start of… these are a few of mine :smile:

The Chameleon
This hero’s special attack is to randomly transform into any hero/monster on the board. So for an X number of turns you can be that annoying little yellow dog, or the opponents Helena. It can be completely random, or a higher chance to get the weakest link on the board.

The Copycat
This hero’s special attack is a randomly selected special attack of another hero from the same type. So, if you take water for example, the hero can debuff (Sonya) or lower defence (Grimm), or counterattack (Boril), or add attack power (Toril) or even deal attack to all and lower defence (Isarnia). The power of the specials will correspond with The Copycat’s own stats. It might be hard to be really strategic with this particular hero, but hey, it will be so much fun!

The Joker
This hero’s special attack is to swap places with a selected opponent for an X number of turns. For a few turns, that, lets say BoldTusk, is yours. If you kill The Joker on the opponents team, BoldTusk will be killed as well.

The Troublemaker
This hero’s special attack is to confuse the opponents into attacking fellow team members.

– And yes, I do realise most of these ideas would be a nightmare to code :smile:, but how cool would it be to see one of these ideas in action! Which ones do you like? And I would love to hear all of your ideas. Cheers!


There were some clever ideas posted here:

The rules of that game were more restrictive though, so let’s have it!


This one is called Merlin. And he’s lots of fun.


Like I sort of eluded to in my topic about 5* Legendary Troops, the game really could’ve used the entire Mt. Olympus Pantheon, not just Athena, Ares, and Perseus (who is more like a Demi-God).

I think special abilities may be easier to come up with than actual stats.

Hades (Purple) - Journey to Elysium - 200% base damage + Damage over time to all enemies, the more mana the targets has, the more damage received for 5 Turns, the damage dealt are converted to HP and distributed for all Allies, cannot be dispelled. Mana generation increased for all Allies for the 5 turns. Dead allies have 60% chance to be revived with 30% HP.

Hades is an unpredictable god, it’s hard to know whether he is happy or unhappy. In a battle, his abilities could help his allies tremendously by utilizing his enemies strengths against them and for his allies own benefits. They say in death, those that pass the test gets to go to Elysium, a paradise of unparalleled beauty and bliss. Not that Hades would want everyone there, he’ll probably revive you to the mortal world, just so you won’t.


I’d love to see a 5* hotm that converts all enemy buffs to corresponding debuffs and all ally debuffs to buffs. It would wreak the most havoc on people who rely on skills that “can’t be removed” like perseus.

If it was a holy hero the skill could be called inversion prayer… Dark hero could call it reality transformer. Not sure how a fire, or, or nature hero could fit the skill though.


Wow…! I also love the back story of Hades <3, very nice. And indeed, whole of mount Olympus could be added; Perseus might better have been Apollo… but that’s a whole other discussion!

Love the take on Hades, although he might be a bit OP ;). But this thread is just to throw around ideas, let those juices flow! Thanks for your contribution ^.^


Oohh, that’s a pretty cool idea! Debuff —> buff / Buff —> debuff. In case of fire/poison damage it might change into heal the points it would otherwise damage.


Right and regenerating hp or mana would actually damage instead. The flip of blind is accuracy boost…

I think the hardest skill to flip would be wu. Instead of 185% attack boost and 32% chance to miss… It would need to be something like 85% less damage (since it can’t be over 100% reduction) with a 32% chance to dodge?


Yes, Wu also crossed my mind! I think something like that would be fine, Just needs testing to see if its fair. I would like that hero a lot!

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Sort of, yes! But this would be the heros only power and it would be AOE kind of attack :angel: - chaos :smile:

Thanks, ruler of the underworld cannot be puny or underpowered.

Apollo (Red) - Symphony of the Plague - 150% base damage to single target and near by enemies, Offense/Defense -30%, mana generation slowed, poisoned and silenced for 4 Turns. Only the poison can be dispelled.

Apollo may be more widely known as the God of the Sun, which often confused him with Helios, but his other perhaps lesser known functions is the patron god of music and medicine. These days, he prefer to play sweet music with his lyre over his bow. Don’t get on his wrong side though, his symphonic euphoria can quickly turn into a requiem of pain and suffering for those that dared to oppose him.


My thoughts:
The clockmaster:
He (or it) may be a holy hero with the special, called “Sand of time” it could affect the target and nearby enemies with a small amount of dmg and a reversed mana generation for 3 or so turns. During these turns the affected hero would not gain, but lose mana when their tiles are matched with the same speed as they would gain if the were uneffected. So slow characters would lose less, but fast and veryfast would lose their mana pretty quickly.

The Unknown Cat
She could be a dark hero with an outlook that can be a reference to Schroedinger’s cat. Her special could be name Quantum cage and it would affect only one given target. The target is locked into a cage on the border of being and not being, so it could not generate mana, could not attack (specials included) and its color tile dmg would be counted as if it was a missing hero for 3 turns. Also the affected hero would gain 50% or more defence because otherwise this special would be used to massacre the front tanks or the heroes with the highest defence, so this has to be balanced with some defence buff.


Another 3:

obviously red hero. Special: Rain of ash, applies an accuracy debuff of 35% on the enemy team (including all special skills, so healing can miss as well) for 5 turns and the enemy team can only cast its ofensive specials on a random hero, so targeting is disabled.

Mononoke (reference to the Studio Ghibli film, Princess Mononoke, if there are some copyright issues, the name can be changed):
Green heroine with a special called April rain, it removes all buffs from the enemy team and all debuffs from the owner’s team, also applies an effect that has 50% chance for every matched tile to heal the team with 200 hp (it would work as a spirit link, so every hero could get 40 hp/tile) for 5 turns (or 3).

Professor M.:
He could be a dark hero with an english gentleman’s outlook (reference to James Moriarty). Special is called: Perfect Sabotage, that applies a 30% chance on the enemy team’s attacks to be a backfire for 5 turns. Tile dmg and specials are included. In case of non offensive specials (healing, buffs, etc) it could be a miss instead.

What do you think? I’m really interested in your opinions.


What do I think… I think wow!! Those are such awesome ideas :smiley:!! I especially like Professor M. and The clockmaster. Those are so creative, and I also think fun and quite applicable. `and also the April Rain idea, heal/SL + chance is something that I would rly love to see. So many epic ideas, thanks for sharing @Mr.Sabaton

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I’m really glad you like them i did not expect a so positive feedback. I have to thank you for the topic and for asking, otherwise i wouldn’t have started to think about such things. I hope that others will find this topic as inspiring as me and they would share their ideas as well, and i hope that some day a member of the SG staff wandering around here finds this topic and uses some of the ideas to the future hero designs.


Sure thing :smiley:! I love to brainstorm about this type of things. And yes, who knows! Cheers!

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Name: Jodan
Color: Blue

  • Cure status aliments from all allies
  • Heal 30% to all allies
  • Blessed hands (3 round duration): heroes can’t be affected from status aliments

Continuing with the Mt. Olympus theme…

Dionysus (Purple) - Brew for the Satyr - Heals for damage received for 3 rounds prior to casting for all Allies. Random status buffs or ailments to all allies and enemies for 3 rounds.

Nobody quite knows what goes on inside the mind of the God of the Vine, or what’s really inside that jug that he always carries with him. Three things are for certain. First, his followers are madly in love with the god that reminds them that life is too short to be so serious and high strung all, er, most of the time. Second, Dionysus is not biased as to who he offers his wine to, friend or foe alike. One sip of his potent brew is enough to make one feel very good or very bad. Finally, it’s a long conga line of Satyrs singing “Toga! Toga! Toga!”

Hermes (Blue) - Tradewinds - Mana generation speed increased for 4 rounds, all enemies hit-rate down. All matched colored shields in the duration of the ability have 10% of total damage dealt converted back as health for the hero with the corresponding colors of the matches Example: If there is a red match of 4 shields dealing a total of 200 damage to the target, 20 HP is converted back to the red hero on the battlefield.

As the patron god of mercantile trade, thieves and gamblers, the fleet-footed messenger of the gods provides many benefits to his allies by calling on the winds of the 4 corners of the realm. The gentle, soothing breeze calms the mind, and improves the effectives of mana generation, the strong gusts makes his allies tougher to hit by the enemies. Finally, the gambler in him likes to play big, small damages may not grant much stolen health in return, but big strong and consecutive combination attacks is enough to turn any dire situation back to his side

Demester (Green) - Melancholy of Nature - Minus 20% Attack/Defense/Mana Generation Speed/Hit Rate to all Allies for 3 Rounds. Then Plus 50% Attack/Defense/Mana Generation Speed for the next 3 Rounds. Spirit Link is cast during the entire 6 rounds.

Losing her beloved daughter Persephone to abduction (to her own brother Hades, no less) is enough to drive the gentled natured mother of nature insane. In this state, she curses everyone at her side for hiding the truth from her as she searches aimlessly on Earth for her daughter, the bitter harshness of winter sends chill down the spines of everyone. They huddle together for warmth and hopes to share each other’s burden until the winter storm passes.

Once Persephone is allowed to return back to Earth during spring, all is right as rain again and Demeter’s allies will regain what had been so debilitating to them and then some more. They face new challenges with renewed vigor… Until the next winter hits again.


Ok… @Shohoku79 a like is simply not enough :smiley:. What an incredible set of heroes, And again Nice work on the background stories. I love Greek Mythology and find the characters well thought out. Great job on linking their special attacks to their personal characteristics, love Dionysus… but the special of Hermes could also work out pretty nicely!! And Demeter <3, I would love to see all of those heroes in action. Great job!!

Like a debuff blocker? That’s a very nice idea!!

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