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@Kerridoc, did you ever update your formula after the 15.1 changes?

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Hmm, no. That’d be a good project.


If you decide to do it, please tag me when you publish :slight_smile:

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Is your calculation are still current?

I putted some data into a table…

Column “E” the power from the card and column “G” the fomula.

Just wodering I missed something or why isn’t it the same?
And what do you mean with the standard error

There has been a complete rework of CP since my original port, so the numbers eill have changed a lot. It’s one of my many projects that i’m Behind on…

Note: “CP” = Card Power

I’ve worked out the exact CP formula.

Each card has a base CP when stats are all 0. That value is:

1* Base CP: 0
2* Base CP: 10
3* Base CP: 30
4* Base CP: 50
5* Base CP: 90

Specials are worth 5 extra CP for each level after the first

Talent tree nodes are worth a flat 5 CP each, and stat increases from talent tree nodes don’t have a direct effect on CP (so whether the node gives you 15 Attack or 45 Attack, it’s still 5 CP). See the discussion in posts below for the details.

The Full Formula

CP=(base CP for stars) + floor(attack * 0.35 + defense * 0.28 + health * 0.14) + (special level - 1) * 5 + (Talent tree nodes) * 5


Marjana at 4/80 special 8:

A: 669 D: 712 H:1404

True CP: 755

Gobbler at 1/1 special 1:

A:347 D:212 H:613

True CP: 316

Hawkmoon at 3/41 special 8:

A:459 D:432 H:618

True CP: 433

Tiburtus at 3/60 special 8:

A:548 D:525 H:868

True CP: 545

Onatel at 4/10 special 8:

A:534 D:704 H:1242

True CP: 682


Talent Grid upgrades appear to tack on another 5 points per each node.

From my understanding, that’s consistent regardless of star rating, and I think regardless of what the actual upgrade is as well.


I believe that’s correct, although I haven’t verified it yet, so I left it off. I’ll edit it in when I have some cross-check data.

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Ok, I did some verification, and this is correct. The critical thing to note is that stat upgrades beyond max ascension max level do not affect Card Power


Rigard 4/70 special 8
A:595 D:673 H:1166

True CP: 644

At class 6, with with 2 levels of Manashield, 1 health, 2 defense. 1 attack, he has stats:
A:610 D:709 H:1202

His true CP is 674 (644 + 30).


Thanks for confirming — that was my anecdotal observation, but it’s good to have actual confirmation.

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Sure thing. I guess it makes sense that they did things this way:

15 pts of attack = 15*0.35=5.25
18 pts of defense = 18*0.28=5.04
36 pts of health = 36*0.14=5.04

The attack is the slightly better deal.

The % boost nodes are the ones where things can get a little out of alignment, because someone with unusually high stats can get a big boost for 5 pts.

Elena with a 4% attack boost gets 32 points of attack. That should be worth 11 CP, but only adds 5.

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Caveat: that’s if you were trying to maximize hypothetical CP…which isn’t particularly a meaningful objective, so I don’t know if I’d call “underpaying” in CP for a stat upgrade a “deal.”

Otherwise that all makes sense. :slight_smile:

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It is a deal, in the sense that AW matches you based on CP. So you get a little bit of extra un-accounted-for stat by going for attack. I certainly wouldn’t pick a stat to boost for this reason, though.


Nice work.

So no more boosts for HotM or Event Heroes like in the old v15 formula?


Also, for completeness:
2* Base CP: 10



None whatsoever. The formula doesn’t care at all about card series or specific details about the special.

Thanks! I didn’t even think to look. And it looks like 1* base out at 0. I’l update the numbers post.

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@Garanwyn Excellent work G-MAN! All laid out plain as day, didn’t think they would ever reveal, however also makes sense from a programmers perspective that like exchanges deserves like reward (well in this kind scenario lol)! Well nearly… Thanks for your effort on making this available for us, I was just about to trudge down the road to calculate and validate and BINGO!!! Perfect.

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Thanks! I’m glad you like it. Hopefully, it’s helpful.

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@Garanwyn, you are exactly correct with your formula and chart:

CP=(base CP for stars) + floor(attack * 0.35 + defense * 0.28 + health * 0.14) + (special level - 1) * 5

1* Base CP: 0
2* Base CP: 10
3* Base CP: 30
4* Base CP: 50
5* Base CP: 90

I put that into an excel spreadsheet and if I put in the base value, attack/def/health and special level for a hero, it always give the exact power for that hero :smiley:

However when calculating total team power, you can’t just add all 5 hero powers because there is a value for each TROOP.
I found exactly what is used to get the additional power each troop adds to team power, it is:

1*=10+troop level
2*=20+troop level
3*=30+troop level
4*=40+troop level

So a 4* level 8 troop = +48, a 1* 1 is +11, a 3* 3 is +33, etc…
Now you can add all 5 heroes powers and all 5 troop powers together to get team power.


Very cool! Well done on figuring out the last piece of that puzzle.


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