Couple of players looking

Hey folks. Couple of long term players that decided to start all over again for a challenge. Currently in a little alliance we are looking to step into a slightly larger one.

Although team power is a modest 4700 & 4400 tp we both have a huge knowledge of the game and already getting 100k plus titan hits. Never leave flags on the field in war. Both have 6 war teams.

We are looking for a UK or European alliance so people are online when we are. Active alliance chat with adults only. Both have Line and no Discord.

Titans up to 8/9 probably.

All players using all flags.

Will be after the next war.


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Hey Maverick!

Invite you to check out “Edge of Chaos” - we are a bunch of active players. Some of us were together in a couple of large alliances earlier, but got tired of seeing titan/war flags left on the table… so left to form our own alliance.

All we ask everyone is to use all titan hits & war flags (if opted in)… and have loads of fun!

We are currently hitting 9* titans…usually cap out at 11* titans with our current strength. Blue tanks in war with some basic attack strategies…rotate tank colors occasionally.

Feel free to drop in to have a chat and see how it works out for you. We use Discord, but not mandatory


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Hey man, Appreciate the response but 11* is probably a bit to high at the minute. Also the minimum 95k would be too hard to maintain.

Thanks anyway

Hi Maverick,

Please check out our alliance. We might be a good fit

Thank you

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Have a look at Mysterious Reborn. Think we meet your reqs, not too serious, a good mix of experiences (we like to help players new to the game to to grow). Stop by and say hello

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Hi! We ask for level 65+ but experience beats that. We want independent players as we are also busy people maintaining to still kick asses here and there.
If i can interest you to try it with us, our door is open. We are not very chatty, but if u will stir up something well, we bite…
I can adjust cups if needed.

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You guys UK based? Do you have Line?

We’re hopping back & forth 10 & 11*, we have no min titan damage, just no 0s everyday, unless of course ■■■■ happens, that we understand… we have a bunch of 4400 teams and just doing well with the titans. We dont care if u throw harpoons or not, for us resources should go to rosters, not titans. You can throw your neighbor we wont complain though… :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

We’re split globally which admittedly, mostly US and Europe. I’m personally in the UK. Can sometimes hamper co-ordination. We’re on Discord but not the whole alliance are active there

hey man check out Spaced Invaders Inc. We are looking for a few people. People are located in Europe, USA, and Australia. We hit 13 star titans and use all war flags.

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