Looking for a war oriented alliance

Hello everyone, I’m level 87, looking for the following:

-All flags used (that goes without saying) in both war and titan when online

-Titan level does not really matter

-Between 15 and 25 members

-Level of players does not matter, as long as they’re motivated and willing to grow

-Clear war strategy where everyone knows its role (big players take big targets, lower level players take cleanups) and strong leadership for war preparation (coordinated tanks, directions given for heroes to be used in defense)

I could bring 2 or 3 other friends of the same level and knowledge if we fit.

We all use Line.
Thank you


Tagging a few friends that might just be what you’re looking for…
@Macaque1902 over at TBD Part Deux
@Mistress_of_Shadows over at the Shops
@Heduard over at Impossible Krazy Kats

GL in your E&P journey, I’m sure you’ll soon be inundated with offers.


If you and your friends can speak French, our alliance « The 30 Legendary » is exaclty what you are looking for !

You can check our thread in the foreign language recrutement section. Or hit me up on Line: @noabam



If you are competitive minded and war oriented, there is no better place to be than the Seven Days family alliances.
If you fulfill the requirements :

Contact our head recruiter @littleKAF here in the forum.
If you are interested in entering or temping in Uprising, ask our leader Kronos on line.
His line id is kronos_ niks.

Happy gaming

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Come to visit us after war:
Is looking… International active alliance, well organized, english speaking UK based, free drama, all war flags used hit the titan dialy. 2400 Cups, 50 lvl+, Purple tank, free for VF. 9/10* Titans. Discord req.
Stop by, see yourself :smiley_cat::smiley_cat::smiley_cat:
Line id: Heduard57

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I do believe one of the shops could accommodate you and your friends if interested…

Thank u @Sarah2 for the shout out. :popcorn: :kiss:


This is a slightly old version of our poster :slight_smile: Couple allies have adjusted their reqs

I’m also a viable contact on the forum/ wherever to the OP @labeuve



Hi, we have enough room for you and your friend in TBD: Part Deux. We generally sit at around 25 players. It might go up and down a bit as our players take a hiatus / come back, but we’re rarely full.
All active players. Titan flags used, simple war strategy and all flags used. We’re quite data driven and like to debate war and help each other improve- so we have an active discord server that you could join. All round good natured group of people!
If you’re interested, pop by to visit. Or you can chat to me on Discord: Macaque1902#2219

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