Long time player looking for a new alliance

My current alliance is imploding so I think it is time to look elsewhere

What I am looking for:

  • No required line, discord, etc. If it is optional, no expectation that I would participate

  • 2200-2400 min, but no other requirements

  • 11+ titans. I reliably hit 100K daily against 11 & 12, but doubt that I would make an important contribution against 13-14

  • Titan cap strongly preferred

  • All war flags used. Please don’t just say, mean it.

  • No war strategy beyond coordinated tanks

  • 25+ members. This is because I have seen a few alliances implode over my 3.5 years in game and I have come to believe that smaller alliances have a harder time recovering.

  • Not interested in ‘family benefits’. Don’t mind if your alliance is part of a family, but that feature is of no special interest to me.

  • Adults with adult lives

  • English speaking from anywhere

Hopefully there are alliances who are interested


TLD would love to have you, but we’re at 10* titans now. Good luck to you in your search

Consider ‘guardians ascending’

Request to join and check us out! If it’s a good fit, great if not you can always look elsewhere

I just joined you guys, I liked the way you looked

Congrats on your new home :slight_smile:

If things don’t work out TBD: Part Deux meets all your requirements except the cups one. We have a couple of newer players that we’re helping progress in the game. We’ve been around a while, I’ve been leader for about 18 months now. Titan cap at 12* but we kill 13* rares. FFA war but coordinated tanks and I do take action if war flags are left. We’re a relaxed group but like to be competitive. Really good camaraderie around wars and alliance quests.


You guys look like a better fit from an overall strength perspective, can I switch after this war?


I’m so sorry for your current situation…:disappointed_relieved:.

I’m sure TBD would be a great fit - just ask to join after war. GL


Absolutely, you’re more than welcome to come and join. Just say you’re from the forum - I’ll tell the team to look out for you :slight_smile:


I’m going to stay here for the time being. This is a very relaxed alliance which is good given that my personal schedule is extremely difficult right now and for the next month. Your alliance has several players that I have been in alliances with previously (which is a plus). Will contact again.


Crew-Mates have 1 spot open. Currently at 12* … if you’re still looking.

Please do, I’m sure they’d love to see you again. You’re welcome whenever you’re ready :slight_smile:


A good spot for u would be final ascension

All the very best in your new alliance… I’d be happy to flag a friendly mod to close your thread :thinking:. Else you’ll continue to inundated with recruitment options :wink:.

I’m ready, let me know when I can move over

I put in request to join, 7nt in game


We recently lost a few folks but we are too small for you unfortunately we are at 15 but need no grow

I am interested in joining an alliance as well and appreciate what the op has said. Have been going solo and merc-ing for a while. Definitely dont want the line or discord tho. Current trophies at approx 2600, def about 4800


Slight tangent @GeeWally - hope you don’t mind, as I know you’ve found a great alliance :wink:

@osumarine, If you’re an active daily player… TBD Part Deux might just be a place you can call home. Chaining 12* titans, ALL war flags used, friendly international alliance etc etc. They use Discord to provide more information / reminders to team mates, but it’s not essential as leadership are really good at updating messages in game.

I’m sure you’d fit right in and you can ask to join in game - just mention you saw this message on the forum. GL in your decision making…

Awesome, thanks for the invite

Will send a request today

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You’ll thank me I’m sure.

Oh… Meant to ask what is your gamertag so I can arrange a welcoming committee? :thinking: