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Hi. I’m looking for a new alliance. I am a F2P player, so looking for somewhere that can give tips on how to improve and have fun at the same time. If anyone has any open spots and looking for an active player. You can reach me on here or on line. The ID is Drew

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That’s pretty much what we do. F2P welcome and we will answer questions and give tips along the war. If you’d like try De Raptors. I’ll welcome you and was have discord. Tell em’ Chadmo sent you, I may be sleeping, is late here in the US


Try mine, if you want. Relaxed, not much involved. We mostly spend our war flags and mostly win. Titans are 6-9* so no high expectations from your part, either

Hi drew you can join ravenspire if you like just formed this alliance so there’s plenty of room. We’re also F2P. We try to get on everyday but it’s no big deal if you don’t. We just play to have fun so if your interested look us up

Wow lots of great choices! … Dragon Cohort TMA can also fit with your needs… best of luck whichever new home you choose… :slightly_smiling_face:

Another great alliance is TBD: part deux

Check out their thread and see if it fits your wants. They also have an excellent discord server with a lot of game info.




Not sure what type of alliance you are looking for, but 541-Titan Slayers [TFG] is recruiting.

We are currently fighting 12* titans and have a fairly relaxed war strategy. Essentially, we just coordinate tank colors (rotating every 10 wars; currently red) bit everyone is free to pick their own targets and attack whenever they can.

We have several members who would be happy to provide advice in the alliance and even more in the larger TFG family as a whole.

And if we aren’t the right fit, the TFG family has several other alliances that may work better for you.

If you are interested and/or want to know more, my line ID is igh13.

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Drew, Come join the anti social alliance. We’re not as anti-social as the name makes us sound. We have several great high level plays that give advice all the time? I’ve only been play 4-months or so and they helped me level up quickly.

Anyone is welcome to join and learn.
Come check us out - Anti Social Aliance

You are most welcom to join in Peace Troops. Please Give your correct line ID

My line ID is Dominic7

Hi @Drew202770 , as @Control_Freq said, TBD would be s great fit for you. We have a mix of really experienced players and some newer players. Our members love to discuss heroes and help each other improve. Really active discord server full of info too (not compulsory). We do well in wars with all flags used. We’re already taking down 12* titans and there’s no minimum hit target so you can develop at your own rate. Come over and check us out. We’d love to host you and maybe persuade you to stay!


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