Help, I'm stuck! [Leveling/Ascension advice]

I’ve been playing the game since Oct 17, and lately I was pretty lucky to get some good heroes. The problem is that I have no idea where to go next. I have a stable bench of %* and 4* but I feel like I’m not using my full potential, especially in raids and war. So I turn to you, fellow players. Who should I focus first and which heroes are worth keeping? I’ll just mention that I’m pretty poor on ascension mats for 5*, the only “full package” I have is for green and purple, I have 5 poison darts, 3 rings and only 2 telescopes.

Here is my roster:

Vets are going to ask you what’s your priorities in the game. Titans, raids, War, trails etc…

I will say you have a great variety of heros though.

Maybe also you can tell how does your war teams look like, you fight mono or 3-2?
Maybe you just need little help by that, because you really have I deep bench

Boril, Sabina, finish Colen, finish Caedmon, then Personally I’d go Posieden over Viv since you have a great cleric in Rigard. I’d also throw some emblems to Rigard-mines at +14 and planning to take him to either +18 or 19 just cuz I love him. Once you get some rings and scopes you’ll have more important decisions to make but that’s what I’d do. Really all of what I said is based on your available mats…

Then prob dupe Grimm, Proteus, Boldtusk & take Viv to 3/70. Your kinda outta greens far as I can tell so stuck there. Could use some more fast hitters overall so Chao may come in handy in Wars…I’d definitely be running at least 2 tc20s at all times.

I really wish this game had a reset token on maxed heros. I think it would help alot


Here’s my off-the-cuff suggestions:

  • Purple Obakan is your only undeveloped 5*; I’d leave him that way, hoping to get a better option like Sartana. I’d add a Sabina and Proteus#2 tomyou dark bench. Sabina has great tile damage and is useful on a war team facing Guinevere or other buff-casting heroes.
  • Yellow Bring Drake or Poseidon to 3/70. They’re both very dart-worthy when you get those, and useful at 3/70. Poseidon is better against high-level teams, where mana control effects are fairly common. Drake’s blind is more generically useful, including titans.
  • Blue I’d bring Aegir to 3/70. He’s very useful on titans and, even at 3/70, on offense. A second Grimm for war wouldn’t be a bad thing at all (I have 3).
  • Green Not a lot of sur-lus heroes here. I’d keep on with Caedmon, who is a really solid hero, then max Berden for tournaments.
  • Red Looks like you’re working on Marjana, which I agree with. Azlar is great in the current tournament (5* very fast), but that’s a narrow niche. Marjana is still the only 5* red sniper, which has a place.

Overall I think you’ve chosen well. If you’re not succeeding as you’d like, play around with different synergies in building raid teams. Raids are where you try out possible war offenses, so be creative. I find 3-2 offenses are a solid balance between strong and diverse.


I completely overlooked Aegir & Drake! My bad.

I agree with @Kerridoc’s thoughts. Marjana, Sabina, and Drake/Poseidon (depending on preferred play style) definitely pop out at first glance

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