Advice to build a team

Hello E&P fans
I’m playing since 7 months and I waste really well gems but no way the luck is getting to be more hard.

I’m feel bored to pull more, I see there is no hope to get something different or special after all that time and wasting gems.

whats your advice to have offence team and defense team!
My humble heroes:

I’d work on finishing off your 3* and 4* rainbow teams. You have a lot of good heroes there. Get Kiril ascended ASAP. Finish Sabina/Tibs/Wu. Worry about the 5* afterwards.

If you had pulled more heroes you’d be less likely to finish the ones you already have. You have some really good teams available right in front of you!!

Take a break from pulls until you have some solid teams fully ascended. More/better heroes won’t necessarily help while only being partially ascended.

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Thank you for advice , I got the ascend materials to make a 4* rainbow team leveled to max.
Therefore I got confused and worry to waste it for unnecessary or wrong way.
I will work on it

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Good luck @GeoWaseem!! You’ll have a few great teams once you finish off what you have. After that give the summons another visit and see what you can get. Meanwhile you’ll have teams that can get you through most, if not all, of the game content.

Makes for a much more enjoyable time. It’s easy to miss what you already have wishing for that HotM. But rarely worth the gems you spend


This what I call it a well motivation speech :sunglasses:
Thank you again @PapaHeavy


Lol, no problem @GeoWaseem. I originally made the exact same mistakes, wasted so much time and materials on 5* that I didn’t have the AM for, or ones that I wanted, but never pulled.
Meanwhile my poor 4* were sitting there largely ignored. I course corrected and am having much more fun now. I’ve decided to play what the game gives me and not worry about the newest, coolest hero’s.


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