Costumed Rigard and Wu interaction

Hello, costume rigard with attack buff overwright with wu attack buff?

Perhaps your post should be in this thread so more players can help you.

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Thats not helpful i just wanna know if i activate both costume rigard and wu at the same time their attack buff overwrite… and i dont wanna start a new topic only for this info

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The link below has a lot of useful information on status effects. The general rule of thumb is if the same symbol is used, they override.

In this case, Wu’s gambler stance is a pretty unique special. Few are overwritten by it, however some have caps that effect it. See below for Wu’s special “image” and those that override it. Rigard is an attack up so you should be fine.

Name Icon Description Overwritten
Attack Up AtkUp\ 42x42 Increased offense AtkDown\ 23x20 AtkDown_HealReset\ 20x21 AtkDown_Continious\ 20x21 AtkUp\ 21x21 Berserk\ 20x23
Gambler Stance Gamble\ 41x39 Offense greatly increased with reduced accuracy Gamble\ 20x19 gamble_HPcondition\ 20x20
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He did not start a new topic. Rather I created this as it was in the wrong thread. And now the question has been answered so I’m going to close this thread.


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