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is there anyone using c. Magni? How does it feel to use him? I think that they ruined him with a druid class. If you use him on defence, how does he do and what heroes stand beside him. I am one scope away from maxing him and have lots of fighter emblems to spend but I do not feel like he is the one. He seems to be a great hero for everything but with the druid class it is still a little meh.

What are your thoughts about better looking Magni? Would you rate him on the same level as Vela and below Finley or not?

I use costume Magni in my defence team, left to right as:

C.Magni, Jean-Francois, Telluria, Clarissa, C.Joon

He works well in defence for me and I keep in 2500+ trophy range.

I also use him in offence and colour stack - he is good with emblems +7

Edit - currently at 4/60 with my duplicate Magni. When on max I will level the costume too

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I don’t have the costume yet, nor a maxed hero. But on paper, the new class on his costume version may a bit compensate the loss of original Magni’s defense buff to himself and nearby as the druid talent summons minions serving as meatshield. Besides, the costume version has a more balanced stat compared to the original version where he is considered as a glass cannon with his high attack stat but poor defense stat. He is an improved Grimm in that he debuffs enemy defense to target and nearby but damages one while the 4 star ice pulverizer damages target with splash damage to nearby and also debuffs their defenses. He is a good substitute of Athena against red titans but does not have good synergy with Frida since Magni is fast while Frida and Athena are average. The costume version has a cool art though FWIW.


I just maxed his costume, and couldn’t be happier. He will replace Grimm on my titan team, and in my blue stack. I think I can now take the emblems off Grimm (currently at +20) and give them to either Kong, Miki, or Mok-Arr.

His costume
being druid class is irrelevant to me.

You’re probably made ur decision on him by now but u CANNOT go wrong with him… Especially on Titans… His strong hit (even if they’ve weakened it) added to his D-down opens the door for even bringing Isarnia into play with Titans… If u can have that Titans D already lowered when she’s ready to fire can bring u a real nice score… I bring him to ALL Titans for that ability… C-Magni plus a 4-stack of whichever color seems to bring in much more damage than a mono team… Plus his newfound survivability makes him a great addition to ur reg D-team…

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cMagni and Isarnia’s defense down do not stack, they overwrite each other, so it’s kind of redundant to bring them both to a titan fight. That’s the same reason I bring regular Kiril instead of cKiril. Tile damage with defense down and attack up is key to high titan scores.

Just a suggestion.

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Yeah I know they overwrite each other but that wasn’t my point though… C-Magni being Fast means u can have the Titans D already down when she fires instead of her normal hit then lower the D… She causes big damage with her Special when a Titans D is already lowered for her before hand… Plus, with her D-down lasting for 6 turns means it will be lowered for Magni’s big hit when he fires again, and so on and so on… Also, if u bring someone to silence a Titan that cleanses u can keep that D down doing for the entire round… She also has really high tile damage for normal hits with Red Titans…

cMagni talent grid, is it better to follow the offensive or the defensive path? Seems like we want to deal tons of damage, so offensive path I guess?

I’m scared to take the wrong path !

CMagni is probably in the top 3 best blue heroes in this game. I wouldn’t have any hesitations ascending/using him

I have C. Magni with +18 talents. Pulled him the very first time he was featured, so quite lucky there and have some experience using him.

My few cents on him:

  • I don’t like class changed from Fighter to Druid. Luckily I get a lot of Fighter emblems so my Killhare is on +14 and onto +17 with the PoV emblems; otherwise it’s a waste of good talent on someone else; druid makes him a bit sturdier, but undisputably, sniper with a revive perk is much better, especially for use in defense.
  • His stats are rebalanced towards durability and he loses a lot of attack (my non-costumed version has 907 vs 818 with costume). Understand that without def buff his survivability suffered, but almost 100 attack is a significant loss for a sniper. He now feels more like Marjana - even with Frida firing first, I often end up not taking down a hero.
  • On positive side, fast def down is crucial if you don’t have Finley, it allowed me to remove Grimm from my titan squad (I decided not to ascend Isarnia). It also helps my other heroes to make more dmg (my stack currently is C.Magni-Vela-Frida-Misandra/Fenrir-Ariel). When I have blue tiles on a map, def down basically ends the match.

Hard to evaluate him on defense; I kept him in my defense several times as a left flank, also faced him few times. He did well but nothing extraordinary; didn’t cause me as much trouble on my attacks vs him than old Vela, yet to evaluate how he compares to new Vela.

Overall, I think he is decent. I loved regular Magni and I like the versatility his costume introduces to him, still torn on having to sacrifice a lot of his own damage and one of best classes in the game for defense debuff. Luckily, you can easily toggle between both versions depending on what you need (too bad there’s not enough red tanks to do some actual testing; running blue monos against Tellurias is a suicide).

Oh, and I am so glad they did something about that ugly shield he has originally. Literally the worst piece of artwork in this game.

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What about mono like cMagni+Lepus+Fenrir+Vela+Raph(Ariel)?
I think they will make short work from Tell for fast mana. I am in process of levelenig those (have all).

In such case definitely worth bringing Magni. There’s no other def down and Lepus will pair ultra well with Magni’s -def to 3. Then Fenrir to finish off whoever’s left alive after Vela hits. These 4 fast cards will be devastating when they fire together. But then again, Magni’s role will be mostly the -def to 3 and not his ability as sniper (which are quite hindered by the costume)

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Yes, in costume he is like fast Tiburtus and better than Finley on offence)

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