ℹ Costumed Athena – 5* Ice/Blue - Jul 2017 HotM Costume

Congrats on your C-Athena @Nightmare2048! :partying_face::tada::confetti_ball:


I got her costume as well! I already have regular Athena leveled and emblemed to +20! The costume bonus is going to be a perfect addition to this great hero! I use her for titans and wars! Her costume is just what the doctor ordered! :wink:



My typical Blue Hero Titan team was this:

I just finished max’ing Athena’s costume and am wondering if it’s worth using Athena’s costume and dropping Arthur for one of these:

M.Lepus+18 w/ or w/o Costume
Lord Loki+20
Richard+1 w/ or w/o Costume
Cobalt 3-70
Alexandrine 3-70
Sobek (eventually, just pulled him)

Its not worth it, regular Athena with Arthur are much better for titans than just c.Athena


I agree with @Radar1 on keeping in King Arthur. If you look at the EDD % that both give, King Arthur is significantly higher at “…-54% defense against Ice…” verse C Athena at “…-34% defense against Ice…” :nerd_face:

I’ll be the 3rd to say keep Arthur and normal Athena. He’s got better ice defense down and the 4 turns vs 3 is huge for normal Athena.

Also alexandrine and jott will overwrite each other (though I’ll point out I have better luck with her at 3.70 than jott at 3.70).

If you want to try to boost I would suggest krampus to replace Arial for his attack boost that will (mostly) stack with Miki. Could also try kiril for a little less but no minions but don’t know if his attack stat drop vs her would make it worse (or you could use banners).

Definitely don’t use morel though unless you make sure to always fire before Athena.

I’m FTP and was lucky enough to pull c-Athena. I’ve been playing for 4 years and never had any non-Season 1 Blue 5* until I hit Milena & then Athena about a month apart. Good thing I didn’t LB Magni. I’m almost done with Athena’s costume and need help with my Titan team. Here are my options:
Milena (LB & almost fully emb)
Magni x2
Kiril (w/ costume bonus) (LB & full emb)
Tarlak (almost fully emb)

I also have Richard & Isarnia but I’m guessing they’re irrelevant for titans. I’ve never really had options for titan teams before. LMK your thoughts. Thank you for your help!

I would use Athena-C, Magni, Tarlak, as your core 3. Athena-C provides both EDD and normal defense down. Tarlak is your attack booster, and Magni for tile damage. I’d use 2 more blues for tile damage until you can get some more heroes down the line.

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Thank you! So basically any blue with the highest ATK damage?

yes. Tile damage will help.

If you have Nordri I would try him and no costume Athena. He’ll give a longer and better ice defense down and Athena’s defense down will be longer also. His attack won’t be as high though given he’s a 3*.

I suggest this since I have costume Athena but I also have Frida and I use the standard Athena and Frida and do better than costume and some other high attack blue. The extra turn and extra ice defense down are very helpful.

Jott would also be helpful if you have him but didn’t list him. (Blue title attack up will stack with everything else)

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Just pulled Athena in the recent Tavern portal. I already have Finley and Adalinda as my defense down Ice 5*. Currently working on finishing up Himeros and will work on Suzana next, but wondering if Athena might be worth it and relevant.
I do like this hero, so I won’t send her to the Soul Exchange.

Honestly I don’t know. Her defense down is bar none, even considering Finley and Adalinda, so for titans has her use. Her stats are very weak, which is why I prefer Adalinda even for titans (Adalinda takes hits much better. That’s the perk of being fully armored and not half naked :smiley:). On the other hand C-Bonus for her will be increased, and with her family she’s one of few heroes that can get +10% mana bonus right from start. I’d keep her and when Balance Changes kick in you’ll see how she works for you.

Good point on titans. Adalinda is great, but those fiends do eat up precious seconds. Minor, but that defense down does help her stay in my roster. Thanks!

Nice buff for Costume Athena


Could you share the emblem path?

I emblemmed her before I got the costume and never changed it.

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Stats as a ranger


Interestingly, C.Athena’s mana speed is quite volatile. It actually takes effort to make C.Athena just average mana.

  • She gets 5% from the 2017 family.
  • She gets 5% from the costume bonus.

These two are unconditional. An average hero is 10 tiles. Getting them to 9 tiles takes 12% mana regen. Any additional source of mana regen will do this:

  • Another 2017 member
  • The mana talent
  • any kind of mana troop no matter what level. Bonus: If you get her total mana bonus to 25% (Which mana Wizard troops achieve at level 23 for +17%, totalling +27% with the guaranteed sources), Athena’s now functionally a Fast (8-tile) hero!
  • A Bard

In fact, her sources of mana are so stacked that she can almost go all the way down to 7 tiles!

That takes 43% mana regen.

  • Wizard Troop (+20)
  • Triple-2017 heroes (+15)
  • Costume (+5)

We’re already at +40%. Sadly her talent is just +2%; is there any way to get the final 1% passively that I’m unaware of? (Obviously specials that give temporary mana boosts would get her over the threshold, but I’m trying to get to 43% passively).


For fun I take c.Athena along with c.Alby and c.Ares. With Alby I switch and often prefer his mana overtime paired with the bonuses. Then add in there new passives. If I can get this set up rolling and add in a Darkfeather. Costume Athena now paired with a 5* wizard troop. And she’s back in the game

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