Grazul, Baldur, or wait?

Just managed to get my 6th set of rings, and looking for my next red project.

Would either Grazul or Baldur be worth ascending, or am I better off waiting to see what comes up?

I’m not sure either would make it into my main red war team (zimkitha, tyr +18, c. Elena +7/santa+18, Mariana +18, boldtusk +19/anzogh+7)

Neither would be in line for emblems either

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Nice problem to have as both seem great heroes. I have neither but would like both.

Baldur is quite underrated in my experience*.

  • Fighting him on raid defenses.
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Also meant to add, I have recently summoned Reuben as well - but from what I can tell he is pretty underwhelming?

Same goes for Noor?

He’s 5 months late. A wonderful Tell foil but she’s lost her edge so he’s not as shiny as he would have been pre-“balance”


I have her at 3.70 and I like her. I think her stocks will rise somewhat with the mana wars. She’s a good hero that has a bad reputation.


I use Grazul a LOT. With only needing an 11 mana troops she can block a ton of the enemy’s ailments when they fire. For me she’s a raiding mainstay.


Grazul for sure. In a meta so heavy w status effects, a VF healer w status block is useful in raid, war, and events.


Another vote for Grazul. She blocks out the ailments of GVT, JF, even the newer heroes like Vanda. I mean she even blocks Alfrike, though if I see an Alfrike tank I usually click reroll :stuck_out_tongue:
You do need to time it correctly of course since it only lasts 2 turns, but with a mana troop, she charges in 6 tiles.

That 15% heal may not seem a lot, but it can be a life saver.

Her 4% mana regen element link helps if you use a red stack too. I love using her with Elena. Basically get both fired, and tempt the enemy AOE hero :smiley:

And to top it off, she resists ailments that affect healing.


Thank you for your advice everyone, I ascended Grazul and really happy with the choice.

I’ve had some freakish good luck over the last couple of months and gotten a further 6 rings (including 3 sets in the last two days from war chest, titan chest and wanted chest :hushed: ) so can.ascend another.

Costume Khagan, Baldur, Reuben or wait - what would you suggest?

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