Consolidation of heros? Help please

So I think may have mentioned to a few players how scoring on the legendary heros can b both a gift and a curse. I’m starting to feel the curse part more than ever.
I have been focusing on my 4* heros to get them maxed but I feel as though my 5* heros r just never gonna get there. Sooooo many rare items needed and let’s face it a lot of time. Please anyone who has advice I could use the help. I don’t know how in the world I accumulated all these so early but my gosh it’s been tedious. I was thinking about refining the overall roster. Here’s what I currently have. Please tell me ur opinion on A) Should I even merge some and make this more reasonable to ascend? and B) if so who would u sacrifice to improve the chance of getting certain heros up? Gonna just include pics cause typing would take too long. Will organize by element. Thank u.

First off, definitely don’t eat any of these heroes.

You have great heroes worth keeping, and with the potential for the Hero Academy to provide ways to “transform” heroes you don’t want into new ones, holding onto 5* heroes is an even safer bet for now.

If you need more roster space, just buy it.

As for leveling priorities, I suggest posting your entire roster too, so there’s context of your progress on core 4* utility heroes and bench depth.


I will do that. I will do the same with my 4* heros same way. I only have three 3* and their maxed and talent leveled too but I’ll add my epics.


For a better understanding of the situation it was pointed out by @zephyr1 to include other hero’s on team. I don’t think I forgot any. I’ll double check but here they r.


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I 100% agree with everything @zephyr1 said. Relatively speaking, roster slots are waaaay cheaper than 5* heroes. If I were you, I’d hang onto everyone you have until we know more about how the hero academy works, and how skins will buff the S1 heroes.



You have some core 4* utility heroes that I would max before getting distracted by your 5* heroes:

  • Boldtusk
  • Wilbur
  • Kiril
  • Wu Kong
  • Rigard

You also have some very strong 4* heroes worth maxing for a variety of uses:

  • Melendor
  • Peters
  • Hansel
  • Lancelot
  • Grimm
  • Triton
  • Li Xiu
  • Merlin

Personally, I’d finish most or all of those before coming back to your 5* heroes — depending on your priorities in the game in general.


Do you care more about wars/raids, titans, or Events/Quests?

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Thank u. I was getting so discouraged by the overall need for so many rare items to ascend I was feeling like getting them maxed would never happen. Really appreciate it. I can tell u this if I had a fav 5 including one from each color it would b…
Athena but hard to overlook Frida

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Should have mentioned this too. Raids and Wars offensively I feel challenged. My defense is cornered by MN and Rigard with Evelyn and get elemental link to MN as well as Sumitomo and then Boril as tank

I do ok on Titans but could improve there too

I’ve got a lot of thoughts, but it’s late enough that I’m having trouble putting them together coherently. Overall, there’s a lot to like about your roster, and you have some really good near-term, mid-term and long-term projects in there. Your 5* heroes very nicely fill gaps in your 4* roster (ex: Delilah is the yellow healer you need for best performance in wars and on dark titans and she’s an AWESOME healer).

I’ll get back to you in the morning with some more specific advice.

In general, hang in there. It will take a while to level what you have, but it should be a fun journey. I think there are great options for you at each step of the way, and you’ll find they really open up your game as they start to come online more fully.


As always @Garanwyn thanks! I even started a special bring the happiness back post too. Check it in the morning. U had a lot to do with it. Later


Notice that these are all utility heroes or healing. Great heroes no doubt but need balance with strong fast hitters like hansel.

I agree 100% to focus on the great 4 stars b4 5 stars unless you have the mats to ascend the 5 stars fully, and have a fairly high leveled farms to feed the 5 stars all the food they will eat.


Thank u all. I am glad I posted this because I was seriously considering getting rid of the 5s but now I will just get going on the 4s while I can save up necessary ascension goodies for those greedy legendary monsters!

And it seems as though Wu is high in everyone’s list? Think he should b priority number 1?

If your thing is titans, wu is the king. For events he can be very good too. For raids be careful, and never use him on defense. So it all depends on your priorities.

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You obviously can pay for gems. Just buy more slots.

Never ever eat your 5* heroes.

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Zephyr1 - Do you know if the academy of heroes will even propitiate the exchange of heroes for others and how will this exchange? Can the player choose or be drawn? will it be by level of stars and color?

I don’t know yet. The Hero Academy is not in Beta testing yet.

When Hero Academy comes to Beta, I will post a thread on the Forum about it.

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You have very much very fine Heroes in your roster, but None of then is fully leveled. You have invested lots of ressources (hams and feeders) and no real result. You should pick one of each color and finish her/him completely, or get 4 :star: to 3-60 at least.

I would also concetrate on the 4 :star: First.

Green: mel, then gad or hansel (I don’t know both, maybe there is better advice)
Red: bt, Wilbur
Blue: Grimm, then kiril
Yellow: Wu, then Li
Purple: Rigard, Merlin

I know, many healers and utilities, but starting from the point, where they already are, my personal choice. When you have two rainbow teams 4 :star: 4-70, we should check your roster and your mats again and decide, which 5 :star: to go for or which next 4 :star: (To 3-60) until you have the mats for the 5 :star:

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