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Is an official E&P hero list located somewhere? I’ve been looking for a bit. I am not wanting a guide by a player but an actual list that shows what heroes are out there. Maybe a card list, or a spreadsheet. I’m wanting by E&P so it is complete, accurate and up to date, and I can know unaltered from official hero info.

No, only the lists produced by dedicated players are available.

Those by Razor and Anchor have always been exceptional quality and extremely well maintained, although how heroes rank against each other are subjective to some extent

No official list.
But this list is often up to date


I appreciate all the effort that goes into these lists, but I prefer a simple html table or delimited text, then I can manipulate it myself. I used to maintain one but gave up on it after a while.

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Ditto. Much respect to those who create stuff but not employed by SG. I don’t understand why there isn’t an official SG E&P list. They already have the information stored. Simply a page of heroes done by element. I would like to know who I still lack from each element. I like lists and check boxes :blush:
Something like:
Element: Dark Color: Purple

      • Sartana
      • Aeryn
      • Dom

It would be nice. Does not seem hard to do. Wonder if I could just collect shots and make a simple digital booklet? Would that violate copyrights if I just have the info for people to acquire? With permission be an easy enough project.

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Here’s the closest thing I’ve been able to find:

Good morning, is there a list of heroes with their best positions on the team? Thank you

Nothing official but @D_DI has put his thoughts down:

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Thank you for the courtesy, good day

Thanks, @Guvnor.

*it’s her, not his :wink:

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50-50 so… Guess I lose :stuck_out_tongue:


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