Chart for Hero Stats

Is there some kind of table somewhere listing all the heroes along with their stats that can be sorted by defense, attack of health? Was just curious if there was an easy way to compare their stats when they are at 4/80.

Thanks in advance!


I know there is that @Razor has put together for a lot of hero to hero comparisons

But i don’t think they compare 3/70 vs 4/80

I believe there is something around here somewhere

@zephyr1 any insight on this?

Worst case scenario my line id is jrigs and i can get you 3/70 vs 4/80 comparisons of any hero you want but it’s just not in a chart form, it’s in screenshot forms

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This thread has all of the hero stats at max: New! All Updated Hero Rosters

Did I miss where in the OP they were looking for that? I only saw the question about stats at 4/80.

I’ve actually been meaning to make a thread for each hero with their stats and info, including at 3-70 though. Just haven’t had a chance. @Lumi did a lot of the prep work for that, including making great graphics, I just need to organize and post everything.


Then oops on my part. I’ll pour another cup of coffee before any further foruming lol

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Thanks all. The hero rosters is probably the closest to what I’m looking for. Though ideally I had wanting something in an excel spreadsheet so you could sort by the stat your were looking for to see who ranked highest. The hero roster will give me the answers I’m looking for depending on how updated it is. It’ll just take a little more time lol.
Thanks for the quick responses!

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