Colored Trainng camp levels vs. mixed training camp levels

hi all… My next 2 heroes are yunan and rana. both with costume and currently not leveled.

Would you prefer the nature and holy training tc7&tc9 to level them or two tc2?

the training of nature and yellow is with 8500 food more expensive and with 1hero per hour slower than tc2 with 2000 food and 2 heroes per hour. but i think it can be less expensive at all for these two heroes…
I have the time and the training mats… my only bottle neck are the 4* mats. currently missing 3 tonics and 3 darts. ( I have the blades, the tomes and the 3* mats for the heroes and the costumes) maybe I can get the missing mats within the next 50 days.

What do you think about this? how do you use your training camps to level up specific heroes?

I’ve never even researched those levels, let alone used them,

But in your specific case it might not be a terrible idea if you want to be sure of on color food with the 20% xp bonus, it would be interesting to see if it’s more or less efficient according to one of our math wizards here

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Have a brouse of this…

And this…


I have friend who begins running an elemental TC when he decides to work on a legendary. He lets the elemental TC run non-stop until he takes the hero to 4/1, then begins dumping the same-color feeder heroes he got from the elemental TC into the legendary. It’s pretty efficient, as @Dudeious.Maximus links show.

Personally, I prefer to run HA7 non-stop and pump the legendary full of trainer heroes when ready (but that’s just me :grin:)

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I use them all the time, it’s better first to use these training camps to level up those heroes to max skill as same colour heroes double the percentage chance to level up skills. Once they reach level 8, it’s TC11 all the way.

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