Cleric emblem use

looking for some rational feedback on who to use my Cleric emblems on…my maxed 5* cleric choices are Grazul, White Rabbit, and Vivica. Thanks in advance for thoughtful replies.

Personally I don’t have Cleric hero on my Deff team so all my cleric Emblems are on 4 Rigard C for wars and Mist for Raid Tournament .
Looking at the things in a vacum Grazul doesn’t really need emblems .
Vivica is slow and almost unusable
White Rabbit is who i would give emblems he is great on Left Wing on Deff team.
That is if you must choose between these 3 5*.

There are many healers that are Cleric; Mother North, Ariel, Rigard, Grazul Vivica.
You can try put into Grazul first until you get other healers that fit to your team formation, then later you can decide.

Grazul as flank to Green tank is working quite well.

@ABNRMAL depends on your goal and roster

without any data i say rabbit

Thank you all for the input!

I have mine on Rigard (19) and White Rabbit (10)

I have mine on Rigard (+18), Hansel (+16) and C-Vivica (+10). When I’ll scramble enough emblems I’ll reset Hansel and Rigard and will pull C-Viv to +20 because I want her to be average speed. Have Lv17 mana troop ready, just need about 5 more emblems.