Classic who to ascend?

I’ve got Joon and Neith ready for final ascension. My monk emblems are with Raffaele. I don’t have a Ranger besides Tiburtus. So should I ascend Joon knowing I’ll split emblems. Or Neith and she’ll get most of her emblems

Depends on what youd need and if youd potentially feature either on your defense team.
Neith is an above average flank, nothing flashy but is certainly disruptive.
Joon will be the classic choice and many will suggest him. His sniper/blind has stood up well and hes quite good offensively.
It’s a toss up. If you need a flank for defense team that is solid and serviceable and will get all of the blems go Neith.
If you’re ok with just an offense piece/under emblemmed wing go with Joon.
Both are above average choices in my book.

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If your concern is about sharing emblems on defense, and you dont have another blue besides raf, then do neith. Otherwise, in all aspects if the game - joon > neith, in my opinion

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I’ve got C Viv. Raff. Clarissa. Elena. And would be Neith or Joon in as my Def team

Neith becomes more dangerous the more blems you pour into her. She can be quite effective on defense as she reduces the entire opponents mana. However, you’re missing a 5* sniper on your defense team.

It’s a hard choice but having emblemed heroes on defense is a necessity these days just to be able to keep up.

My choice would actually depend on what level you have Raff up to and see if emblem splitting would be worth it.

Honestly, strip the emblems off Raphael and juice up Joon after you max him. Joon is great everywhere.

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