Intriguing doubt. Next hero

Which hero should I climb next to.

If you have the darts Guinevere

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Guinevere. Guinevere. Guinevere. Neith…no, Guinevere.


Guin if you have mats defo
Sheep if you don’t


:bulb: Personal opinion alert!

For me there is only 2 arguments to be made for doing Guin:

  1. You don’t have telluria
  2. Your alliance runs yellow tanks in Alliance Wars.

If not for one of those reasons, there isn’t really any justification for doing Guin as you already have a total team healer.

So with Guin out of the picture, it’s between Joon #2 or Neith… Or Neither (sorry…)

Neith does the mana cutting stuff same as Guin but also tacks on damage & an AoE Blind.

Joon 2 gives more sniping power, but you already have Leo in there too…

Personally I would do Neith so you got a rounded mono yellow team:

  • heal all
  • Sniping X2
  • Blind (specific from Joon & AoE from Neith)
  • Mana control (single from Leo, Bulk from Neith, Steal from Onatel).

So yeah, Neith is my vote unless you NEED a yellow tank.


If you’re as deep in maxed 5* for the other colours as you are in holy, then you can afford the luxury of ascending a hero for defence…

Normally the advice is to focus on attack, but you’ve got the depth to ascend a luxury if you want to.

If you don’t have an obvious tank or you need a holy tank for war then Guin still does the job well…
You wouldn’t regret a second Joon though IMHO.

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