Ascension of yellow 5*

Who should I ascend - joon or Neith? Opinions please

Without seeing your roster, IMO Joon, fast sniper.

Neith is sneaky good, but Joon is fantastic

But without a better view of roster, no idea how to advise you

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In a vacuum… Joon.

But Neith is hugely underrated because top players don’t need her - if you have Drake and Guin, she does a bit of both but not as well…

But if you don’t have them, she’s a really useful delaying tactic and definitely a good hero.

If you’ve already got good snipers in other colours but no tactical hero’s then Neith might win out… If you have some tactical hero’s then Joon probably does


By voidstrike

But as mentioned… both could be a valid choice depending on the reason and the heroes you already have maxed.


Not sure what your roster looks like or what type of hero / special you need most.
But just based on the two you mention, then I would say both need to be fully levelled but go with Joon in the first instance.
It would help you get a better informed reply if you could post pics of your roster for us to look at.
Good luck

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I am always pro attacking so I lean towards Joon. But if you have enough sniping power then Neith could be a good fit based on synergy.


Got it to work. :slight_smile: thank you

This is what I have at the moment

Okay so we’re talking one of your first five stars… I’d go Joon.

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Thanks. That is great. Join was the first 5* I got and I have been waiting about 7-8 months for the ascension tools and got neith meantime. I will go with Joon

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You’ll want Neith eventually, but early doors you want extra punch to really accentuate the difference in power between the hard hitting 5* and 4*.

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Frida gets my vote. Nice trio with Grimm and Sonya.

I can see the appeal of joon. Especially bc he won’t be very usable at 3/70 (where frida can hold her own at that level for a while)

I’d still want to see more maxed 4s before switching the focus to 5s… but whatev. :slight_smile:

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Yeah why go to the trouble of creating a post and giving very little info about your roster status or heroes or game focus etc… help us help you

regarding your currenst roster Joon, sure

But as Math4lyfe mentioned "I’d still want to see more maxed 4s before switching the focus to 5s… "

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Joon and Frida is great…
But if you have Kiril, I prefer him 1st before Frida. I’m not seeing your full roster so I do not know :man_shrugging:

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