Clarissa path

Hi all, can u help me in which path should I take for Clarissa “ defense or attack “ ?

To be honest I went with defence to +18 because I also use her in tank position for one of my purple mono war teams

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If I had her I would follow the attack path.

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I think that if you will use her on offense or as a wing/flank the attack path is the way to go. Maybe if you use her as tank you can follow @JGE advise this way she will resist more hits

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In the post-Telluria world, I swapped and started using Clarissa as my main defense tank. Went full shield. With a level 12 mana troop, her stats end up reasonably balanced.


Thank you so much for helping,

For me personally (if I had levelled clarissa & emblemed her) I would go all attack.

Reason being is that Damage Over Time heroes (DoT) gain additional damage with increased attack stat. So you can increase Clarissa’s damage output a fair bit along the way :slight_smile:


It would be nice to see the side by side comparison of attack path vs defense path. I have her at 4/77. Im going to try her at tank and have been thinking defense path to help her survive.

Left is Attack>HP>Defence
Right is Defence>HP>Attack


You’re awesome! Thank you

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