Clarissa path

Hi all, can u help me in which path should I take for Clarissa “ defense or attack “ ?

To be honest I went with defence to +18 because I also use her in tank position for one of my purple mono war teams

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If I had her I would follow the attack path.


I think that if you will use her on offense or as a wing/flank the attack path is the way to go. Maybe if you use her as tank you can follow @JGE advise this way she will resist more hits

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In the post-Telluria world, I swapped and started using Clarissa as my main defense tank. Went full shield. With a level 12 mana troop, her stats end up reasonably balanced.


Thank you so much for helping,

For me personally (if I had levelled clarissa & emblemed her) I would go all attack.

Reason being is that Damage Over Time heroes (DoT) gain additional damage with increased attack stat. So you can increase Clarissa’s damage output a fair bit along the way :slight_smile:


It would be nice to see the side by side comparison of attack path vs defense path. I have her at 4/77. Im going to try her at tank and have been thinking defense path to help her survive.

Left is Attack>HP>Defence
Right is Defence>HP>Attack


You’re awesome! Thank you

Wich path would you choose for node 19? Stay in +18? I´ve emblemed her in defense path, got lvl11 mana troop and use her as tank in raid defense.

I use to choose mana node, but been very fast she needs +30% to fire in 5 tiles.

That may be achievable during the ninja tower or with a mana booster (e.g. odin,ariel, sif, etc). It also gives you the flexibility to put a level 5 mana troop during rush attack wars/tournament and use your level 11 on another heroe.

So if you are going for the 20th node I would prrsonnaly choose the mana over the crit.

Personally I only use her on offense so I think I’ll keep her at +18 (+12 as of today) and use the saved emblems on another paladin.

I would chose the Mana node all the same.

Couple reasons;

Main reason being is that it allows you to use your L11 troop elsewhere if needed; say a Slow (with mana node) or Very Slow hero.

Plus in rush attack settings, you can use a L5 troop on her and use your L11 troop on another hero to mana break 2x (or 3x) purples.

Overall tho, I would agree that Clarissa (as a very fast hero already) benefits less from the 19th node. So if you do have other Paladin heroes, maybe work on them first and come back to to do Clarissa later?

Attack all the way…she’ll get a ton of defense as a Paladin anyways due to how the path works out.

I actually took the defensive route, mainly because I value her the most for that elemental link in my 4-stack or mono team, and I need her to stay live as long as possible. Even if I picked up every single attack node, I get a negligible increase of total DoT damage to the tune of 30 (yes 30 over 2 turns, seriously), which just doesn’t make any sense to me. Her damage output is 25% less than Gravey’s, so she’s not going to do a ton of damage regardless and is more of a support/secondary DoT hero. But again I have a very specific use for Clarissa, and for my use it makes much more sense to buff her def/HP, so YMMV.

The 150 emblems from completing the Legendary portion of the Pirates event gave me enough for the 10th and 11th nodes.

Thinking of choosing def here since she’ll be paired with a level 11 mana troop who gives +20% attack

Here’s my Clarissa build. i went attack primary, and focused on defense. When i have enough to get her her last node, her defense will be 812. pretty balanced imo

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