Clarissa or Jabberwock#2

I’m struggling to decide if I give Tabbards to Clarissa or to Jabberwock #2. Zulag is a potential option also, but I’m leaning towards one of the first two. Mainly looking to add war team depth.

First off: Mega Jealous of dupe Jabbwerocky

Personally? I would go second Jabs

As you’re no doubt aware, he’s phenomenal either in a stack or as a supporting sniper.


I’d probably do another Jabberwocky. Him firing twice in a row would literally clip the wings of the enemy.

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In my honest opinion I would focus on Jabberwock first.
Whichever hero you choose good luck

I don’t have Jabberwock. I’d lean (or ride) on him… or it… or whatever the ■■■ of that dragon is.

Aha. That dragon is a she. Happy international women’s month !!

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“Jabberwocky” was the title of the poem about the Jabberwock. Then some fool made a movie getting it mixed up, and confused everyone. It annoys me. (Can you tell?)

Re the question: Jabberwock is great and I wish I had him/it, but one thought is whether you’re best off with some variety, especially if you have more paladin than monk emblems available. That said, I have Clarissa and don’t really use her a tremendous amount. If I could spare her more emblems she’d probably get more use.


I am a fan of Clarissa. She’s a bit underestimated. Her being very fast and giving purple allies some defense against special skills via elemental link is great perk to have in a team. She also shines in some of the new formations when she changes to hit-all.

While Jabberwock is strong when faced on defense, I don’t feel him being that much of a superstar offensively. Damage is so-so (not as great as when he’s on defense) and you can’t control it to focus fire on the most threatening targets like flanks which are about to fire. Frankly, I bench mine pretty often, and rather use Alfrike, Panther, Killhare, Freya and Clarissa.

Unless you want to experiment with double-Jabby defense, I wouldn’t take his dupe.


If you like mono, Clarissa is very nice. Very fast with a great element link. I use mine all the time

Jabs is a top hero, but I think a Clarissa would be more fun. Which is what games are for

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Hahaha. Come on, man. Chill. It may be @Guvnor’s or @Chadmo’s pet name on the character, like how some of us call Telluria as Telly, Heimdall as Hemmy, Alberich as Albe, Gravemaker as Gravy or GM, Boldtusk as Boldie or BT, Mitsuko as Mits, Mother North as MoNo or MN, Wilbur as Fisherman, and the list goes on.

Or that they are a fan of a popular dance group.


Nice try, but that one isn’t a pet name, it’s an error which must be ELIMINATED :rage:

Never heard that name for Heimdall, come across all of the others though (and even used a couple of them). For Jabberwock I’ve heard Jabs or Jabber, but the latter is problematic as it can be confused with the Sand Empire rook Jabbar. Let’s face it, the name Jabberwock is quite long enough without wanting to make it even longer!


sarcasm alert


End sarcasm & Caps Lock.

By the by, I am fully aware that there is no y… I am also fully aware of the poem vs. the monster name; HOWEVER, the addition of the y is a term of endearment. In Australia we give nicknames to literally everything we possibly can… If we can make it end in a “Y” or an “O” its all the better…

Ultimately Nicknames are nicknames; and a single person can have multiple nicknames (e.g BT & Boldie)… Nobody is forcing you to use it if you don’t want to… But you also don’t need to assume the worst; you can politely say “was the use of the Y intentional? I ask only because…” :slight_smile:

There are countless other examples: Telly isn’t spelt that way on her card. Or Issy. Or Tooty (Heimdall) or Bursti (Gullinbursti) or Eve (evelyn)… Or any number of other nicknames players are given.

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Bah. Still not impressed. Also don’t believe that the majority who add the -y do it as you do, in full knowledge that it isn’t the real (made-up!) word.

But OK, I can ask in diplomatic fashion. Or leave the thread and seethe. Or something.

Perhaps it’s just jealousy because so many people seem to have that amazing monster and I don’t…

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Not only in Australia they give pseudonyms but everywhere on the world map! Like us in Greece we have a huge grammar!
Indeed if we want to play with the words and the meaning of each one we can talk for years!

Where could I be a philologist!

I’ve run double Jabs with #2 at 3/70, both on wings, and it is pretty impressive when both fire, but it does mean the DOT of the second is wasted. Not being able target the Jab has actually cost me matches before, so it is a notable problem.

Still, Clarissa is mostly in the running for variety, I think, but I wonder how well Clarissa & GM on flanks could do. (With good sniper wings).

I don’t really have spare emblems for either, so they’d be mainly rounding out secondary or tertiary war teams.

Thanks for the advice, I don’t think either is a wrong answer & that’s a good problem to have.

I say Gullinpig :slight_smile:

Not understanding norse language I picture for myself, Gullin would mean golden+pig :slight_smile:

I don’t have Jaberwock, but I do have Clarissa+11. She was always a solid hero: very fast, nice element link, some dmg. Relatively versatile.

But with introduction of double defences, I think she jumped from solid to great. I use her and GM in a purple-red team. Those two being very fast and hitting all are very powerful. With just 6 red and purple tiles all enemies will receive almost 1000 dmg in no time. As if defence team is thrown into a melting pot. :slight_smile:

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You can put one Jabber on flank and the other one on the other side as wing.

This way, its bigger chance, their timing with poison dot will be offset and you will get maximum dmg.

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