Jabs or Clarissa

Ok just pulled freaking jabs today. Clarissa is next month. From those that have experience with both who is the better hero. Mind u I have telly plus 18 with 100 emblems so far that would go to clarissa. In order to emblem jabs I would have to pull from my costumed joon. So for one who is the better purple. Also who is the better candidate for monk emblems. My current defense is Finley ursena telly vela costumed joon. Please help!! Lol


Hold up!

First, we don’t yet know what Clarissa will look like when she hits the game - she may or may not be exactly what you expect…

Secondly… Even if you pulled her, would you take emblems off Telluria? Probably not.
If cJoon is on defence then he’d want to keep some emblems… Unless you want to drop the rainbow defence and run two purple?


Assuming Clarissa stays in her Gravemaker-clone state, she’ll be even more of a beast than Jabs. It’s a hard choice, esp. with emblem conflicts, but I’d go w/ Clarissa.

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Yean telluria will stay 18 and start embleming clarissa. I’m assuming she will be purple gm clone. So maybe finley gm telly vela jabs. It will suck dropping ursena lol. Or finley gm telly vela clarissa. Assuming she performs well like gm on wing also

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Clarissa will be very fast jabs is fast. But will always hit two until down to one where he just kills. Clarissa will hit three sometimes only one or two. So that’s something to take into account.

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If you can wait for her to be sure (assuming you get her) then go with that :slight_smile:

Jabber is one my most feared opponant with finley atm. I really dont know who so many people are so hyped with Clarissa.

She’s basicaly a gm and everyone knows prensently how to deal with him. Just another dot while you already bring GM and vela.

Jabber is painfull cause he force to put in center the heroes you want to protect, then they are easy target for GM. He hits like a truck and his dot can’t be cleanse. If you’re in a balanced positions he often turns the tide when he goes off.

So Jabber is always a good bet.


As far as defence goes, there’s definitely something to be said for straight up damage… DoT is powerful stuff but cleanse fixes it right up.

Attacking cleanse plus healing cleanse on attack can really neuter a defence that relies too heavily on DoT… Zim or Locke plus Rigard (costumed or not) or Vivica, Kunch etc - can make for a potent mix if you line up those colours as your 3-2.

Having said that… 99% of players shouldn’t be ascending hero’s for defence primarily.
Does Clarissa give you more on attack? I think so.

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Jabberwocky is certainly a great hero, but my problem with him is that you can’t select your target…selecting who you hit is big. I’d say Clarissa over Jabber, but who is to say you’ll even get her??

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You don’t need to select. If u could select he would be op lol. Jabs destroys from the outside in.

Both will be great on attack. And yes I’m offense minded so if a hero makes it on my defense team its cause I love to use them on offense as well. Unless hero is offense sided like say malosi.

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Jabberwok is worth mats pulled at last event. Got at +8 no pun it’s a beast! Even If you pull hotm that’s still there for you to level.

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Jabber dot is is indispensable maybe dogde by monks for poision


Aye, that point was in favour of Jabber, along with higher upfront damage.

I’d go for the Jabberwock. Telluria’s good enough as a tank, and Joon’s good as a sniper. I really love Clarissa and Jabs, but their roles don’t need replacing. Jabberwock, however, is an unrivaled monster for direct damage output against titans, and he also brings a unique option to wars.

Also, congrats on that draw! And condolences on the dilemma! What a day!


Lol I know right!! I love to have this problem tho.

That is true gm and clarissa can be dispelled whereas jabs cannot.

Unless ghost meiverew (sp) guardian gazel.
Seriously max you won’t be disappointed.

But let’s be honest, that still pales into the tiniest of insignificances if you’re doing titans correctly and focused on tile damage…


True but his tile damage is high as well. If she is like gm she would be getting a b on titans whereas jabs has an a . Jabs would take joons emblems which are almost at 15. Clarissa will be starting at 100 emblems.

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