Jabber or Clarissa?

I have a robust set of heroes already. I have 6 tabbards. Should they go to Jabber or Clarissa?

It depends on rest of your heroes, personally I would max Jabber
But without seeing yiur rooster I will max Clarissa


I’m actually maxing Clarissa now (my Jabberwock already maxed) and Jabber will be the first hero she will replace in my stack (Kunchen - Hel - Panther - Sartana are the other heroes).

Jabber doesn’t shine for me on offense, without emblems at least. His damage is ‘so-so’ and the fact you can not control it makes using it often suboptimal. He’s tough when you face him on defense, but not as tough when you are the one using him.

Obviously I didn’t use Clarissa much yet, but her static link with special def protection at very fast speed alone makes her worth it. The damage and poison nearly at GM’s tier makes it even better.


That, and everything else is just true. Nothing to add.

Your question @Harbour needs to be:

  • do you have emblems for jabbar ? AND
  • should jabbar go in you def team (war)

I dont see pvp defense as relevant above 2400 cups.

If both question are a “YES” its jabbar. Otherwise clarissa. Solved :wink:

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Rata has and will continue to have my Monk emblems as I dont have Telly (over 130 pulls without getting her) or Heim. My guild has green tanks for now (might change after Telly is overnerfed.

I’ll save them for Clarissa.

This seems to be totally down to roster fit and individual emblems. I don’t have Jabber, but I find Clarissa to be just ok without emblems. Her neutral color damage is pretty low, and her spirit link is not as impactful as I had expected.

Jabber doesn’t give you control over who you hit, but you at least know who it’s going to hit, so it’s not as though he hits random targets. I do like that you always get the full damage output from his special, unlike Clarissa who will only do partial damage one some heroes are dead. While his DOT is a lower per turn it is also undispellable, which is pretty great.

In a vacuum I think Jabber has a bit of an edge, but in the right situation Clarissa can certainly shine. If you can run her alongside Kage at 6 tiles she perks up a bit, and her DOT stacks with Victor so they play well together too.

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