Gravemaker maxed, now onto my next purple

Now that I got gravemaker and emptied my training camps to power level him, I have 8 tabbards. I was hoping to get some feedback on Clarissa before making my decision.

I also have Vela maxed and emblemed. I think having gravemaker and Vela and Clarissa all dealing separate damages over time could be pretty wicked. But jabberwock seems to be the hotness at the moment.

I do have Telluria as my main tank, so paladin emblems could be an issue unless something changes there.

Current maxed purples

I know jabberwock or Clarissa are the obvious options.

I also have some other candidates. If Alfrike was just slow instead of very slow, I might be tempted. She looks brutal.

I could also max a duplicate but that’s a more down-the-road project.

Personally I will max Kunchen to add some heal to your purples

If you don’t want healer its pretty much decision between Clarissa and Jabber

GM isn’t so dangerous on defence, specially now when blue Sonia in costume is able to clean hi burning
I think similar about Clarissa, she don’t hit hard and her DoT isn’t really high. In offence she is surely great but in def IMO weak.

I would go for Jabber, he is one of the bests purple “sniper”, he hit hard and his poison is undispellable.

But don’t be afraid, you can’t make bad decision, they are both great.

I’d max Kunchen because you lack a healer in purple.

I do have Rigard with costume maxed out and he helps with healing when the situation calls for it. I realize kunchen is an upgrade to that.

I just want to max the best overall hero available

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