Falcon On Defense

Hi all!

Just wondering how Falcon works on defense. If I went all Red for the Tournament today, would Falcon boost all of my teams damage?

Obviously that’s how it works with tiles on offence, just wondering if each hit by my team will be boosted if his special is active on defense


Yes, he will. Your other red heroes will do more damage with their special skills, on the attacking heroes who have the red elemental defense debuff.



Thought’s on this defense?

Images of some of my roster for reference :slight_smile:

Wait, does it only apply to special skills? Or normal hits too?

As far as I know, it’s only applicable to special skills. Slash attacks don’t fall under this category. That’s why elemental debuffers are more effective in attack teams because it’s applicable to both tile damage and special skills of the respective elements.


Hmmmm now do I take someone else like Kong who hits all or hope the AI uses the hit 3 to best effect. Kong may be better with Wilbur…

You should definitely use G Kong, a very fast AoE attacker who cleanses, is gonna be crucial.

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Thanks mate. I literally just changed Kong in due to the cleanse (plus he’s a 5* and better over all)

Wilbur taking defense down before a big hit all from Kong could be lethal.

I actually burned a load of food and iron to level the last 15 or so levels to max Kestrel out as the enemy should have a lot of mana due to the rules, making Kestrel hit harder.

Thanks again for the help!

Edit - I also changed Elena out of her costume. Her 202% damage is probably more useful than the extra 20% damage returned via riposte

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It’s a common mistake, but slash attacks can benefit from elemental debuffs. Dunno if it is described in some #player-guides, but we discussed it about Vela for example:

You can easily test it in raids, just roll to a defense with elemental defense debuffer and then let them hit you with special and then with slash attack, you’ll notice the difference immediately

So using Falcon in no Ice tournament makes sense. I and my two Nordries liked no Nature 3* tourney back then for sure :wink:


Thanks for the info. Didn’t know this. :slight_smile:

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