Guardian Gazelle Emblem Path

I have a question about Gazelle and her emblems.
I read somewhere that puting emblems on Gravemaker makes his dot do more damage. Does the same apply for Gazelle her hot? And does it matter which stat I increase? I was thinking going Defence-Health-Attack since her surviving titan hits seems very important, but I’m not sure if that is the correct choice. Who can help me out?

If there is a sword in the path.
Go the other way

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Nop you cannot increase her HoT except with troops and the 2% from emblems although you should not take this path.

Go defense first then hp.

This is true for any DoT hero. The more their attack stat goes up, the more their DoT damage goes up in tandem.

HoT is not the same. Only the healing node along the talent grid will increase healing. All attack nodes on talent grid will however raise DoT.

That seems weird to me, but thank you all.
Def.- HP - Att it is!

Mine so far.

I chose to go Def path with health second. She has to stay alive to help you. And her attack stat is already high from the beginning.


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