Marjana or gravemaker? thanks

hello, i ve got Gravemaker as a draw bonus, but already had marjana tier 3/70 ready go to tier 4/80. gravemaker make me confused remember that hidden blade is rare lately. need some advice from the master, thanks

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Both are great options, so I’d fully ascend Marjana first because you’ve already invested a lot in her. Marjana also hits harder vs. titans and events, so is a little more versatile in my opinion.


^^^^^what he said! :smile:

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If I were to choose Id say Gravemaker, I already have Lianna and Joon as sniper (and he is a better Azlar)


Marjana all the way, no question. You can level Gravemaker any time if you no one else to level.

Am I the only one who doesn’t see what the big deal is with Gravemaker? Seems weak to me…


Very fast, high DoT and high tiledamage…


Someone said the same thing about Alberich :frowning:


Very fast GOOD
High tile damage GOOD
High DOT only good against titans. I prefer to take out my opponents much sooner than any DoT in the game can.


because i dont do raids or war i say go for gravemaker.

The DoT is for 2 turns, thats roughly 300-400dmg per turn on 3 different enemies.

Few specials have that damage output.


It says 298 damage over 2 turns—I’ve always believed that that damage was spread over the 2 turns (149 damage per turn) not 298 damage per turn.

Doesn’t matter either way, that damage still isn’t great. It’s high DoT to be sure but sill plenty low. I have Quintus maxed and his attack does triple that to every opponent. Even Justice does about that much. Granted they are both slow.

Maybe I’m just not a DoT guy.

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And Ares (twenty chars)

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He is doing initial damage 135% and the dot plus he is super fast - he is firing double the amount like a slow one. So it can happen a slow doesnt shoot at all when he is focused. A gravemaker (nearly) always will.

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Aaaand with AW’s arrows it could hold many encounters just fine, unlike Marjana.

You’re right I remembered wrong, so I did a beta check.

Gravemaker with lvl11 4* mana troop against Zeline with a lvl 18 3* crit troop.

  • Initial dmg 223-250
  • Burn 200-240 each turn for two turns.

So thats 600 damage to Zeline for 6x red tiles. Not counting the damage on the other 2 heros.

But keep we seem to value efficiency differently, and thas fine :slight_smile:


Good evening,

soooo… some months later, and maybe after the initial hype about GM has cooled down a bit, I would like to ask the same question again.

Today, I got my sixth set of rings, and I could ascend Marjana who’s at 3/70. Besides the nostalgic factor (being my second 5* hero I got), she’s doing a fine sniper job, which is why she would be my first and logic choice for ascension.
But I got GM when he was HOTM in June. Since then, I levelled him once in a while to currently 3/43, but every time I used him (mostly for colour stacking), I was pretty underwhelmed with his performance. However, I see him in top player teams and wonder if he’s getting better with the last ascension and on his way to level 80 or if he just doesn’t shine with the rest of my standard team (Isarnia and Joon at 4/80, Evelyn and Quintus at 3/70… Quintus occasionally switched with Colen at 4/70 and level 6 in his class tree).

I’d love to hear some thoughts and suggestions, many thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Go for Gravey, his fire is so cool.

Many won’t attack, if he was in the team.

And he’s got horns :rofl:

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Marjana and GM are both great thanks. I also see a lot of teams going all Holy thanks, with most people using Guin thanks.

I have both GM and Marjana maxed and I use GM a lot more than Marjana. GM’s very fast mana (especially paired with level 11 mana troops) is amazing.

I only use Marjana as a second red when color stacking. I use GM almost all the time.

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GM hype is still going strong. He’s the best hero in the game. Period.


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