Chuck Norris’s Severed Head!

Bring us the head of CHUCK NORRIS! …Oh no you can’t. We already have it, but we will share! Castle Black Rangers wants you… Nay! We need you! You beautiful beast!

Punch and Pie also…

; )

OK, sarcasm aside. Castle Black Rangers. Is a friendly, helpful and positive family of players that is looking for you.

We are a “casual” alliance, but very active. Many of us have been in this game for over a year. We are all almost all long term players …But we love newer players and have many. Currently our family is 26/30 members.

You will need to hit the titan daily, participate in AW and drop us a note if “Real World” stuff restricts your game play. We get it, this is just a game. We all have lives outside E&P. Most important be polite and nice. We would love your company. We have a minimum cup score of +1800 to join, but once your in feel free to cup drop.

Our alliance is set to open, so feel free to just visit and see if we are a match for you.

Castle Black Rangers

(formerly CastleBlack)

…but, what if you can’t do 1800 cups “yet”. I have and alliance for you. Purple Ninja Squirrels is a very similar alliance to us, just newer. @purplepachyderm is the nice person running the place. We are not affiliated. Our alliances just like each other.

Granted if Purple Ninja Squirrels shows up in AW we will stomp on them! …in a nice way, but we will STOMP!

; )

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Good luck with that.

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