We HATE PUPPIES! Yes that is what I typed

Do you also HATE PUPPIES! So do we. Puppies are always judging us with their big “puppy eyes”. Yuck! We also hate Sunshine, Ice Cream and Cartoons. Join us at Castle Black Rangers. Also, kittens are Stupid…

; )

OK, sarcasm aside. Castle Black Rangers. Is a friendly, helpful and positive family of players that is looking for you.

We are a “casual” alliance, but VERY active. Great Co-leaders. We kick for inactivity, but we are always set to open, so if a mistake happens you can come back (never happened, FYI).

1800 trophies to join. We just want to know you are a serious player. After you are in feel free to cup drop. No need to ask. Have fun, play your game.

Many of us have been in this game for over a year. We are all almost all long term players …But we love newer players and have many. Currently our family is 27/30 members. Trophies from 1400-2600.

Moderate amount of chat, but nothing you can’t just ignore. We are fine with silent players. Most of us are. English speaking, but we got the entire planet covered. Players/Leaders on both hemispheres. That is soooo cool, IMHO.

No point requirements on titans (8-9*s) or AW. Hit them. Give it a shot, that is all we want.

If “Real World” stuff restricts your game play, then just drop a chat note. No worries. We get it, this is just a game. We all have lives outside E&P.

I am the 4th leader of this alliance. The 3rd had real world stuff that restricted his time. He is still with us, just so you know. When stuff outside E&P forces me to stop being leader, I will hand it off. I said it above, but our co-leaders rock!

Most important be polite and nice. We would love your company.

Our alliance is set to open, so feel free to just visit and see if we are a match for you.

Castle Black Rangers

But, you don’t have 1800 trophies? Do you like to read WAY MORE than you ever needed to read about this game? I have 3 raiding guides that may help… or at least wast time while you are waiting for world energies to refill.

Raiding in the top 1000

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Hello, Have you thought about another alliance added to your ranks? Seeing that your current is keeping close to full. Something along the lines of a sister alliance set up for training members for your Alliance.

You might like this song.

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Sotty about the late reply. That is a really interesting idea. Give me a bit to think about it. I think it could rock.

I’m drinking at my local bar, and well into my “cups”. What is your thinking on how this would work.

Basically as a starter alliance (learning and teaching) for novice players we would train them up to a certain level, cup count, titan kills, whatever…and then have them join your alliance. Also, once our players got high enough to join your alliance there would be a no raid policy between members of each alliance. Things like that.

Well, when we first immigrated to Canada 20 years ago, I was 7 years old, did not speak the language at all, never even seen a non-Asian person before, in a scary unfamiliar place with completely unfamiliar surroundings.

It was at that time, a dog bit my dad, ripping a bit of flesh off his his legs. And the owners rudely blamed my dad and swore at him; ever since then, I really do have a natural dislike for dogs.

Although it’s softened as the years passed. I still can’t understand the obsession with them.