Purple ninja squirrels live

Hello, We are still filling a few more slots for more Squirrels. We have only 6 slots open. We are taking on 3 star titans currently. We have a few Veterans to the game, many are Veterans within the alliance. We are accepting new members whether you are new to the game or a veteran. Come by and check us out. We don’t have any special requests.

We have a system of leadership that allows everyone to have an equal say. It’s “5 x 5 x 5”. Meaning when you join you are promoted to Co-Leader. If a member goes inactive without saying anything to another member of leadership the system starts. If a member goes inactive for 5 days they are demoted from Co-Leader to Elder, if inactive for 5 additional days a second demotion takes place from Elder to Member, and finally if inactive for a final 5 days the member is kicked from the alliance.

These are more of what you would call guideline as opposed to rules.

  • Hit the Titans
  • Fight in Alliance Wars
  • Check in regularly
  • If you want time off just let us know

We have members that are great at motivation, others understand hero workings, defense teams, many follow the Forums, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Global Chat, some are great at building area upgrades, Raids & Revenge, how to work the tile board when fighting, etc.

We are open to all, well…until we are filled.