Hi, how's it going?

Hi how are you doing?


Absolutely love the alliance name! I wish you great luck filling the player roster. :+1:


Ditto @havok333! Great name. Not looking, but if I was I would join.

Hey out there. Yeah I’m talking to YOU. You want to start with a alliance that will grow to be a power player. This is the alliance you should join…

The name is all you need to know.

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For fun while I wait, I looked up your alliance. I would like to give you a little unasked for advice. May I?

The voices in my head said yes. So power on. ; )

Consider changing your name to “Purple Ninja Squirrels” with the spaces. The search function stinks a search of PurpleNinja finds nothing. Also, you are not listed under just “Purple”. SG should fix this, but I would rather they focus on Season 2 and fix search later.

Second, drop the invite only. Let anyone join… or join and immediately leave and rejoin. New players are rare relative to the number of alliances. My alliance has picked up a number of great people who don’t speak English. My co leaders only speak English, and I only speak Bad English. So, we would have missed out if they had to send the invite request.

I type up a number of posts, but my group has NEVER gotten a new member fom anything here. I am astounded. The only time we pick up new players is when the system puts us at the top of the “hey! Wanna join an alliance” list.

3 of the 4 co leaders of my alliance found us that way. They are fantastic players and totally happy to have them help run the place. The 1 of 4 is the previous leader gave it to me.

I joined randomly from the list also.

My point being, open it up and let random people in. If you don’t like them, kick them. If you really really really like them, make the leader

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Dang it! Stupid name length limit…

I forgot to pass the name of my alliance CasleBlack (one word). We have the same promlem with search.

I took your advice to heart and we are growing.

I am sad (sad emoticon). I just checked your roster and you are at 22…


I am only right once a year. I am happy to help, but I had hoped to spend my “right once” on my alliance…

(Even sadder emoticon)

But really. Great to hear. This post may help also. It moves your original post to the top of the stack. I’m hoping to do that to one of my “stupid” posts…
E&P Merch!


Rock! Glad to hear. I’m thinking of taking my own advice and change my our name from CastleBlack to (something) Castle Black (something), so we are searchable.

I am glad to hear that the recuitment topic works. I had assumed it did not. I’m talking to my co-leaders now about it.

Once again, ROCK! Grats on the awesome alliance. Your kick policy is really close to ours (if not identical).

Have fun, I really like this game. I find it surprising how deep this game goes for a silly phone game. : )

My understanding is that all alliances have a max of 30.

I have not started a new Allence in about a year, so I don’t know if the rules have changed

So Castle Black for the long term players and Castle Black II for the initiates?

Nope. We are a casual but active alliance. We are very active, but don’t manage outside the game communication, so no feeder/main alliance stuff. We are for people who really like to play, but don’t want it to take over their life. We “might” be a accidental feeder alliance for the bigger more complex ones, but no one has left us and moved up that I know of. Most of the people who have left have moved on from E&P because of RW conflicts.

I also kinda like that we have a spread of players from 3K-4K team power. I find it a little more fun that playing with a lot of people in the same power range.

FYI: I am the 4th leader of my alliance. The 3rd is still with us, just was not able to dedicate the time. I will probably hand off leader to one of my co-leaders (winter-ish?)

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I’ve polled my alliance and I am taking my own advice. We are gonna change from CastleBlack to Castle Black Rangers. This will put us in the top three selections for any of the three words.

I’m posting my add tomorrow. We are 1600 cup min. Is it ok if I mention your alliance also for people who either don’t have the cups… or just hate us?

Hey it happens. I hate us also… ; )

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Hey! Just checking in. How is your alliance going. Mine is rocking, just wanted to see how you cats are doing.

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