Cheshire Cat is he worth sorcerer emblems?

Hi i dont have 5* sorcerer in my rooster. I could give emblems to sabina. But yesterday i managed to pull Cat. What is ur opinion about givin emblems to the Cat?

Sorcerer is very appropriate to the role Cheshire Cat is designed for. Cat is a tank buster, and delaying mana generation on tile hits is very useful in that role.

But you also want to make sure the emblems go to a hero you’re going to use often. Is Sabina one of your primary healers on offensive teams? If so, you may find that you get the best benefit from giving the emblems to her instead.

The cardinal rule is: you don’t get any benefit from emblems given to a hero who mostly sits on the bench.


Thx for the reply. Sabina isn’t my first choice when it comes for healers. I think cat would be better option. I needed someone to ensure me with what i was going to do with emblems.


You’re welcome. Resets aren’t too expensive, especially when you’ve only gone a few levels deep. Try the Cat out with those emblems and see how you like it. You can a always get them back if you find you’re not happy.


Her? Are you sure it’s a she? I always thought that Cheshire Cat was a male! :dizzy_face:


Nope, not sure at all. Other people have been using “she/her,” though. Maybe @Rook or @Brobb could offer an expert opinion.


Lewis Carroll, the British author who created the Cheshire-Cat, always uses the pronoun “it”.

”It’s a friend of mine — a Cheshire-Cat,” said Alice: “allow me to introduce it.”
“I don;t like the looks of it at all,” said the King: “however, it may kiss my hand, if it likes.”
“i’d rather not,” the Cat remarked.


Thanks Kerridoc! Switching to neuter pronoun (of which @Princess1 would undoubtedly approve).

I’m out of likes at present, but here is your LEGCL :sparkling_heart:


Based on wikipedia, there was found one place in the book talking about a gender of a cat:

“the Queen of Hearts cries “off with his head” when the cat upsets the king”

Yes, but the QoH is insane and has not been properly introduced to the Cheshire-Cat.


I was going to powerlevel a 5* if I pulled one, and I pulled Cat after 20+ pulls so started powerleveling. I did 3 more individual pulls and got The Hatter, but decided to just finish Cat since it was at 2nd tier, and continue using my saved powerleveling mats. Maxed her, and tbh its starting to be very nice addition. I think its going to be worth the traps.

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Let’s go with “it” or “cat”. :grin:

(I also thought it was male, but this may have been due to the male voice from the recent films.)


I didn’t do 30 pulls to get a cat that at the end of the day goes argh take that I’m going to move your players around and tickle them waste of time levelling

It’s a very different mechanic than most people are used to. It will take some work to learn how to be effective with Cheshire Cat. But I suspect that, once you do that work, you’ll find that you can convert a bunch of marginal boards into wins.

Rubbish it’s an insult to people who play this game for example take it against Alice mother north and a few other 5*s no chance it doesn’t even attack straight off or stack

I see you’re pretty new to the forum. You might want to take it down a notch or two when debating topics here.

It’s possible to disagree about how useful a hero is going to be without slinging around hyperbole like “insult to people who play this game.”

If you don’t like the Cheshire Cat, I promise no one will make you play it :slightly_smiling_face:


Maybe a rubish for some people. Bit im not insulted by the fact that “it” :slight_smile: came to me. I could end up with no new hero. So im happy.


Lol i promise i won’t use it
Ps if a forum is not for discussing how bad heroes are or are not then what are they for

From new forum user old gamer :slight_smile:

The forum is absolutely for discussing opinions on heroes. You’re welcome to talk about your belief that the Cheshire Cat isn’t a good hero.

Most of us enjoy a good debate. What I suggested was that you take it down a notch, not that you agree with me. :slight_smile:

Feel free to disagree with any opinion you find on here. But you’ll find that people think a lot better of you–and will listen a lot better to you–if you focus on facts rather than attacks.

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This isn’t true, the Cheshire Cat from Lewis Carroll was based on common iconography of a smiling cat that was in the region at the time. The area was huge dairy producer and iirc the idea is that all the local cats are very happy because of all of the cream. They are also said to have molded novelty cheese and butter in the shape of cats, which would of course be sliced up into various pieces, similar to Lewis Carroll’s cat.


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