Optimizing my raid defense / emblem distribution - Please Help

Hey there,

So i got pretty lucky with summons lately and am currently maxing some 5* heroes I want to put on my defense.

My current defensenis this:

My plan is to change it to this:

(With either Azlar or Panther in the right wing)

However, I also have JF maxed and I think.he would fit in better than Zim. Unfortunately Onatel gets all the emblems atm.

Yesterday I pulled Sif though. Now i think I could put her in my defense instead of Onatel and give JF the emblems:

Not quite sure though if Sif might be worse than Onatel ondefense.

Also, Vivica is waiting for darts, too.

So my question is, should I max sif first and put her on my defense and give JF Onatels emblems?

Or better leave Onatel and Zim in… And maybe max vivica first?

And, just in case I get lucky again and pull Malosi next month… Should I choose him instead?

Hiya. I’ll try to answer all the questions in here

Definitely panther over azlar. Too slow to do anything from the wing.

It could work yes. BUT you have (essentially) two very passive heroes in the centre. Both telly & Sif are passive.

Personally I prefer the other option better but that’s me where I think offence is the best defence.

A completely different tact might be:
Finley → Panther → Sif → JF/Zim → Elk

Malosi will be very useful in offense but not great on defence… Yes he’s very fast but go be really effective he needs both timing & aiming which the defence AI doesn’t do… Offence tho he’ll be very handy.

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One thing I didn’t say was this:

Defence doesn’t matter…

Doesn’t matter how many matches it wins, or loses… or cups you gain or lose…

Ultimately your defence team doesn’t do anything but provide sport for another player… Doesn’t progress you anywhere in the game or anything…

It only matters in WARS (but that’s a different story altogether) and if you feel like challenging for top dog spot… Which doesn’t give you anything either :stuck_out_tongue:

The only thing that matters is being able to raid your way to opening your PvP (wanted: heroes) chest in the highest possible arena…

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True that. And pretty sure all of those defense team would keep me in diamond arena. So I have to admit it’s an ego thing… Me and my urge to make the best possible defense team my roster allows. :nerd_face:

Mana speed is what makes me uncertain here. But in general I thought an AoE-Damage Dealer might fit better in the team with Telly and Zim / JF. At the point he is charged, he decides the game most of the times. Also, I was running my defense for about a month with Elkanen+9 instead of Azlar. And my average cup count dropped at least 50. I even fell below 2.4k cups quite often, while Azlar keeps me most of the time around 2.5k. That’s why I still consider him. But I will probably just try both versions.

That was my concern, too. But could also make a nice symbiosis which could be pretty annoying. Probably I will just have to try out and collect data. Not even sure If I should strip of Onatels emblems.

As I mentioned, I am quite underwhelmed by Elkanens performance on defense. Also I see Telluria as the much superior tank.

Also, I totally agree on Malosi. He is much more useful on offense. But his very fast special made me think about defense, too. Probably not a good idea though. He might get the darts first anyway. Think he would be the most useful of them.