3* team for challenge event


I’m looking for advice on this month’s challenge event. Currently, I have the following as a 3* team:

Hawkmoon 3^1, Balthazar 2^30, Valen 3^10, Berden 2^7, Bane 2^29

I know I’m going to have to sub in someone for Valen, and I have several options.

Green: Friar Tuck 3^1, Isshtak 1^13
Red: Jahangir 2^1, Nashgar 1^1
Yellow: Kailani 1^11, Gan Ju 1^1
Purple: Tyrum 3^50, Prisca 1^1

My thought was

  1. Swap in Tyrum for Balthazar. Ty adds buff clearing, and with Berden and Bane, I’ve already got two snipers that also have good secondary effects.
  2. Swap in Friar Tuck for Valen. Added healing + mana gen will be good, green strong against blue, and my Isshtak is probably too low to get up to speed for this month.

Think this is a good strategy? Think it might be more valuable to bring in Jahangir for the “hit all + dot”? or Kailani for the spirit link? Does it make sense to bring so much healing (Hawk + Tuck)?


I like Isshtak (but mine is maxed). I usually bring someone with Spirit link. “So much healing” doesn’t hurt you unless the enemies take out your dps guys. Try it! :slight_smile:


Ideally you want to drop Blue and double up on Green. Your Isshtak isn’t leveled enough to take. I would drop Valen for Tyrum (your most leveled hero, more special dps in early stages) or Friar Tuck (Strong element for tile dmg, extra healing for later stages)

I wouldn’t use any of the other options you have as their level is so low.


Definetely use your most levelled hero and take the suggest of Rook.

This event will be a little “softer” on beginners that the previous one but you still are a little under levelled.

Level as much as you can Kailani, she can spare you many items and generally get trough the last boss if you are in trouble.


i agree with rook, isshtak is good but having the heals from tuck will be nice.

i’m also in the same boat so i was hoping to jump on this and get some help too. here’s what i have so far:
kailani 3/50
azar 3/50
brienne 3/50
balthazar at 3/1
belith at 3/1
(note: i have kiril at 3/30 but am leaving him out for ovious reasons)
i raised belith from 1/1 to 3/1 yesterday as well as getting balthazar from 2/1 to 3/1. i could finish them up to 3/50 or i have a tyrum and an isshtak (both at 1/1) that i could train up to 3/50 by the end of the week, but i’m not sure its worth it.
i also still have some leveling to do on my 4* team that might be better served by feeding them instead, though.


When is the challenge event? It was in my quests a couple days ago as coming. It has vanished. I thought it said 19 hours. If that’s the case it’s already started. Thks


Next week, so you still have time for crafting and ascensions.


Thanks. Have a blessed day.


I currently have Bane (1/28) and Kailani (2/14) - I’m guessing I should focus on levelling up Kailani before the challenge since I have Balthazar and Isshtak for damage and Hawkmoon for healing.


Belith and Tyrum have the same debuff, so you don’t need him for that. Azar and Balthy are good hitters and between Kai and Belith, you should be pretty hardy.

I’d focus on Belith myself, and on getting your 4*'s up as high as you can.


Thanks for the advice, everyone! I’m focusing on leveling Berden and Kailani, and will bring Tuck and Tyrum along as well!