Blue team for events - Nordri + Gunnar C + 3 x Karil / Miraweave / Grimm?

I’ve seen that blue teams do very well on the leader-board during the events.
The basics are Nordri and Gunnar C and then 3 of the same.
For 3* that seems to be 3xKaril (don’t remember if it was with costume).
For 4* I saw some mixing of Grimm and Miraweave but didn’t look too closely.

I now got 3xKaril C un-leveled, 3x Grimm (1 max) and 3x Miraweave (all unleveled) and wonder what to do. Not much of a point to keep so many of the same if they are not to be used for a specific purpose?

I do not currently have Gunnar C but only regular Gunnar.
I do have Vodnik, Gato, Valen, Jarvur and also Jott.

For speed runs 3* karil is ok.
for 4* grimm is beter than mireweave for sure

For events cGunnar is essential. His value is his defense down, but more than that, the spirit link means you don’t have to aim. This shares Karil’s damage with everyone which means you get the full value of his hitting target and adjacent. Without cGunnar it won’t work. Regular Gunnar is not useful at all.

FWIW I run cGunnar Nordri Karilx2 (vanilla with c bonus) Gato for every event but Avalon. It easily gets me top 1000. I can get top 100 if I want to spend the time and mats. Valen with his new costume will probably be better than Gato.
I run cGunnar Nordri Grimmx2 Triton for Grimforest. It gets me top 500. I agree that Grimm is better than Mireweave. Jott can be useful if you are looking for tile damage but I personally don’t go that way.

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