Grevle and Kvasir, fun pair for 3* event tier

I use Grevle Gato Melia c.Tyrum and Kvasir for the first run in the 3* tier of the current event. A grand total of 0 (zero) emblems on the whole team. Actually I could say I used Grevle and Kvasir. The rest of the team was just along for the ride. All 15 stages felt like a walk in the parc, during the final levels I actually ripped straight through Boss Wolf’s counterattack without a worry in the world. These two sure make an immortal pair. I actually did not have so much fun with E&P since… I can’t even remember since when :grin:


I also used this pair for a number of fights. Kvasir is great for shutting down the summons from Red Hood and Puss. It’s not optimal for the highest scores (minions eat a lot of time) but still finished in the top 10k although that won’t last.

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You said it perfectly… those two heroes brought the fun back into a dead 3* realm for all the veterans of the game.

I’d add Nordri and Chick Jr on that list as well.

To be quite honest, it’s the 3* events and tournaments that bring me the most joy these days. It’s as “level” a playing field as we’re going to get.

In addition, add in costume Brienne. Every single minion increases the defense down counter so in just a turn or two the entire enemy team is at like -65% defense with the minions doing even more damage than before!

I had the same feeling too, @Ian487

l used: Grevle - Kvasir - Bjorn - Gato - cBerden

And didn´t change this team thru all 15 stages of Rare. Grevle is a beast, Kvasir is awesome, I can only imagine pairing both Heimdall and Bera for Legendary! :smile:

I wasn’t much different… A little more offensive, but that’s about it.

Nordri, cGunnar, Chick jr, Grevle, Bjorn

Very, very easy.

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