How to get high scores in the Events! Part 1: Preparation

Due to an overwhelming response i have decided to work on growing my YouTube channel to help everyone out. Everyone has been asking for information on the event and this is a good time to offer back what we as alliance have found to work well. I recorded a ton of content of the actual event, which i plan on posting as the next event gets closer. BUT you have to be prepared for the event first. So before you work on competing and getting high scores you need to build you resources up. Please subscribe to my channel!


Thank you for sharing the tips. I will be working on my forge now to get all the suggested battle items. Farming for the materials can be quite difficult. Could you also please kindly share your favorite farming stages for all the items that you most need? I know there is a guide to efficient farming in the forum but surely you have your favorite. :grin:

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This is the age old question that honestly none of us can come to agreement on.

I love 5-8 for backpacks,nuggets and recruits but it is terrible for xp and drops 0 dragon bones.

My old favorite was 12-9 but it appears they nerfed it.

We used to have updated loot tracker from stages but it appears to change with every update.

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Forge 20 or would 19 do? Do you use miracle scrolls in events?

Hello @Anchor , where can I find the “Sheets” file with all final bosses of the various events?

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You can screen shot the video.

I gotta get approval for releasing the sheet.

Tc 20. Miracle scrolls are not to be used in events to get high scores. If your whole team is dying you won’t be getting far. Tornadoes are what you use


Yup. However, if you’re trying just for completion bonus with a weaker team, miracle scroll can be of use.


Ok yes. That’s what I thought. So no need to get to forge 20 necessarily. Forge 19 will give you all you need for events. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something.

It’s for the other events :joy:

I have yet to find a need to wait 3 days for Craft 20 - so my highest is 19, and then I have a 9 and a 6. The 9 and 6 have been time fillers to get things where I need to be to upgrade overnight so I am not ‘idle’ while building.

Yes I apologize forge 19 is for tornadoes and 20 is scrolls.

You’ll eventually get to the point that you don’t “have” to craft things. I know people want to always have stuff building but always using your mats can sometimes mess things up for something else.

Someday I hope to be there…I also hope someday to be where I can make 300+ bombs as you have indicated!

Thanks again for doing this - looking forward to the actual ‘how to score well’ content :slight_smile:

I’ve done fairly well on a few events, ranking 35, 52, & 75 in intermediate. Hoping I can learn some more to get me into top 10. Already I realized I’m not using nearly enough items, usually trying to make 50 bomb attacks work.

Only thing I’m worried about is now the competition will be smarter too. Thanks for this.