My Strategy for the Event! Free to Play!

Hello everyone, I’m excited to share with you guys my recipe for success for months back in the day when I used to compete. Nowadays I don’t compete anymore, I even had some couple of months break from this game, where I came back recently fresh.

While I’m aware the competition back then is not as stacked as today, me after almost half a year away from the events, rusty and off from my reflexes, I still managed to get a pretty decent score (Top 50) in the Epic Stage.

This video is mostly for you guys F2P like me, who might say they don’t have a chance against those spenders in the events, here I’ll show you, that you don’t need the premium heroes to snach a decent score, it can be done with the current trainable heroes.

I wanna say I’m happy I came back into the game, I love this community, good luck to you yall and catch you in the game :slight_smile:


Awesome, thx for sharing :sunglasses:

Wouldn’t have enough items to clear several stages like this. It took me a minimum of 5 minutes for each level. Sometimes more than 10.

Once finished the whole event I tried to improve scores, but without much luck. Items gone, score only slightly higher.

Do you use the same strategy for the last stages? If you will fire all items there, you’d probably not even kill the first wave.

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Check the whole video :wink:, I did all stages


Now I got it :relaxed:
Nicely done :star_struck:

And I also like your cute doggy…

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In my mind it’s a waste for low level players to even try these events as there is absolutely no chance to get into the upper tiers where the needed ascension items are. SG needs to revamp these to make it worthwhile for everyone to participate…something simlar to the tiers for raids.

he just showed you how to do it and he was using regular heroes just should be set up the way it is. without replay of stages the leaderboards qould change automatically as this type of method is now rendered obsolete


But what low level player is going to have access to all those items and be able to craft all those items and have all those flasks and everything if they aren’t paying for it that’s my point. if you’re free to pay player and are trying to to compete you have no chance in an event like this because you’re going up against the people that are dropping hundred if not thousands of dollars a month into the game

the guy that did it told you he was FTP at the begjnnig of his video??? it isnt hard to farm the items he did u just have to farm and plan when you gonna use them. unfortunately u have to work a little bit for it they not gonna just give it to you. his method was perfectly understandable and shows how the events can be manipulated. SG should watch this and see that it’s hard for anyone to plan to do that at any level ftp/c2p/p2w. we all have to farm the items necessary for crafting so I honestly dont get what you are trying to say

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I pay and also have no chance.
Paying isn’t a guarantee to win.


My point is why not tier the items to each stage completed rather than places…they alienate 90% of the player base and give me no incentive at all to try because regardless of what i do i will never be in the group that does this. Also u cannot craft energy flasks, you only get them as prizes or when u purchase packs, so dont tell me that a f2p player has the same access to things as a p2w player.

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I agree they need to adjust how the events payout but I compete in them to get the guaranteed items I need until im stronger and have more game knowledge on how to go for the bigger things. what SG is doing is making people work for things and it sounds to me that now that you can’t lazy man your way through it and have to work on your heroes to complete them everyone is mad?? what mmo ca u finish that last dungeon with level 10 heroes?

The thing that makes me mad isn’t that I have to work for them which I don’t mind at all it’s the fact that the materials I need I can’t get or compete for because I will never be able to against the people that are already in there I need all those big Ascension materials from my 4 and 5 Star Heroes and I can’t get them through these events because of the way it’s structured that’s what I’m angry about add about the fact that I have to work for it or anything

Many thanks andrei for sharing this video!

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