Captian Kestral worth materials?

Is the captian worth the rings? He is at 3.18 now. Only other option at the moment is Elena at 1.1.

My other red 5* are Tyr+9, Tyr +4, Ares+3

Yup he is better than elena due to mana speed


cool. He is also a Rogue. I have 338 rogue emblems. Doing my best not to give them to Margaret. I also am about to work on Agnes. I am in need of a 3* yellow. All I have there is Kavsir +20 and Bane maxed.

With your other options and emblems available, I’d do kestrel for sure.

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Yeah defo worth rings I want one. :+1:

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Thank you all! Very much appreciate it!

Try falcon, Wilbur, boldtusk + Krestel.

:muscle:t2: :fire:

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As someone who has had him for 2 years plus with emblems, I can say without a doubt he’s worth it. He’s probably the most underrated fast red.

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Kestrel is absolutely worth mats. Have tried to get him to add to my defense with MT and Finley but to no avail. I think he is underrated. And, even better if you get other pirates to pair him with for the bonus on attack and mana generation.

ooooo. My Wilber and Boldtusk are at +20. Falcon at +9. That could be a fun team!

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