Red Hood or Jack Sparrow?

Hello all,

I find myself with 6 rings and wish to bestow them on my third true love but would like some feedback before I do. All of this said, I’m not pulling the trigger until March rolls around anyway on the off chance Jean-Francois leaps in and steals my heart.

On the one hand, I was going to go with Captain Kestrel due to red’s dearth of hitters. He won’t be amazing, but he’ll be a good compliment to my +19 Kelile who is doing all the heavy lifting, and he won’t have any competition for rogue tokens once I finish up with his little brother Peters.

But Red Hood has been giving me “come hither” looks which make me wonder whether she’d be the better choice. The problem being is that she sees basically no use outside of war and would only graduate to getting on my farming team after knocking off a 3/60 Colen. So she wouldn’t exactly make a big splash in raids or on map teams. Also after Seshat, Lianna, and even Neith, she’d be pretty far back in line for ranger tokens.

Red Hood, Captain Kestrel, and my mainline red squad (all others are either not fully ascended and/or have no emblems).

Common wisdom says Red Hood is pretty good and Captain Kestrel is a sack of steaming garbage, but I’m not convinced.

  • Jack Sparrow
  • Red Riding Hood

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It’s not Jack Sparrow it’s Barbossa…
I would go with filthy pirate you need some fire power there


Come on, that’s Sparrow :smiley: Don’t ruin my admiration for him :smiley:

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No this is Barbarossa:


Red Hood gets my vote. She is so special … :slight_smile:

Hood needs lvl23 mana troop before she becomes useful. And red is full of support heroes, kestrel is one of the better damage dealing red heroes. Being rogue helps him a lot too, he’s a great defender for Nòn Gravemaker owners.


For whatever it’s worth speaking from lack of experience, I vote Jean-Francois. Not that you really need him with all the red power you’ve already got, but if you get him, I like him. Between Jack & Hood though, I must emphatically declare my undying certainty that your guess is at least as good as mine

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Captain Kestrel is very good, has a class without too much concurrence and deals a solid amount of damage, I value him higher than Red Hood’s little AoE and utility.

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It depends on your play style. If you like to develop the synergies between heroes and have them play off each other then Red Hood. If you like to charge in gun a’blazing then Sparrow. He is a fast Khagan.

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I have Red Hood and she’s an awesome hero – her AoE is super weak, but those :fox_face: minions can save your :peach: so many times. They let me take my time charging skills while getting healed every turn, and they provide a nice meatshield. Also Red Hood has her place in countering certain Guinevere and Mitsuko tank teams, so I find her very valuable myself.

With that said, your red bench is clearly super support oriented right now – Boldtusk, Wilbur and Ares don’t hit, Queen of Hearts hits but not hard enough – so I’d say you desperately need some more offensive power that isn’t frail Kelile only. My vote goes to Kestrel due to that.


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